I would mark this weekend as the perfect weekend ever.  Let me tell you all about it!

The weather was fantastic.  Low humidity, somewhat sunny skies, a distinct chill in the air and yes, the heat is on instead of the AC.  Also, the new heat pump is pretty awesome.  I'm gaining understanding that this new system is variable, that means it's magical and can tell what I think is comfortable.

Also because of the new system, we both realize how crappy the 16 year old system was performing.  Now to see if there is a slight reduction in my electric bill, I can dream.

I walked two days in a row, with a fleece jacket......and a woolen hat!  I told you this weekend was a banner weekend.  I did a little knitting, a little reading and I also did some sketching.  A tiny bit but those baby steps will lead to something bigger.

Thank you for telling me about your creative processes and what you learn.  I've learned I'm not alone and there is no right way about it.  I also feel like I'm in good company with all of you seeking out more creativity.

Today, I did the laundry and there was lots of it.  I switched the summer comforter to the winter comforter,  I cannot wait to go to bed and snuggle in with a book.  I also worked exclusively on my scrap hat.  I predict I will be making a ton of these hats (like my cowl obsession?).  I am using up odds and ends of wool and love the picking and choosing of colors.  So excited!

I also attended 7:30 Mass and this time there was guitar music. The last song played was 'Lead Me, Guide Me'  which I LOVE.  I've been humming it all day.  That is a song I'd love to be played at my funeral, not that I would know it was playing but you get the idea.

How was your weekend?


  1. I Love your hat! I've been using up scraps for the Operation Gratitude scarf project. Im so so happy that someone is loving the change in the weather. We went from 80 monday and tuesday to 40s and gloom. Im struggling with it. It was just too sudden.
    We had a friend unexpectedly ask to come over an dwatch the Brewers game with us. This is a no fuss friend so we said, sure! cmon over. We had just had dinner for friends earlier so the house was tip top and it was a nice joy .

  2. Your weekend sounds perfect in every way. So glad you enjoyed every moment of it.

  3. Yup, you had the perfect weekend. Mine was spent knitting on a shawl, going to 4pm Mass on Saturday and spending quality time with adult children and their families. It rained most of the weekend, but it was much needed rain. I enjoyed my weekend as well.

  4. Perfect in every way.

    There was a stop at a knit shop, a much enjoyed birthday donut, dinner at a lovely restaurant ----- and the heater man comes tomorrow to fire up the furnace.

    (No, we did not have heat last night. Even the cat snuggled under the covers and man did I appreciate his body heat. But, a good sense of humor and a few extra blankets will make it all right.)

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Chilly here too and loving it.

  6. We also had a lovely weekend with cooler weather. And I am still thinking about your creativity post. Happy Monday

  7. A practically perfect weekend is always a delight! Mine was busy with chores and duties that had to be done, but now I have a cool, rainy Monday mostly to myself, and I'm glad to stay inside with tea and knitting.

  8. Sounds pretty perfect..
    Our Saturday was a bit crazy but Sunday mellowed out and all in all not too bad.


  9. I love the colors of that hat! My weekend was filled with househunting. Fun, but tiring...

  10. Perfect weekends are things to be savored! And, it sounds like you did just that with every moment! I hope this week is full of more of the same!

  11. That does sound Perfect, Karen - except for having the heat on :-) we are enjoying the very rare period where there is not air and not heat ... and I'm pretty sure our electric and gas bills will reflect this next month! Thank you for sharing ALL you enthusiasm for this new season .... I am definitely embracing it!

  12. What a great and happy post here to read. What kind of pens do you like to use for your journaling? I need to add some to my very small collection.

    1. I use uniball vision micro for my journals. If I can't have that, I use pilot v-7 .5 point. I prefer the uniballs with a cap, not clip top.

  13. I seem to be reading your posts in reverse order, LOL! There is my favorite hat, as yet unfinished! : ) I'm like you, I also have songs I would like to have played at my funeral. My family thinks I'm crazy, to have already picked out a couple of songs and I tell them I will come back and haunt them if they do not follow my requests! : )

  14. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Ours was about as perfect as could be - in Connecticut playing with our grands and snuggling with our new granddaughter. I started a funeral file with a few notes about music and poetry. My Mom left us a few notes during her cancer illness and it was comforting to know we could honor her wishes.


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