Meditative Stockinette Stitch

Holly bats the elephant off the table daily, she tries to bat the metal sheep but it takes more effort
 I had another one day work week instead of two days.  Usually I treat my unexpected days off as 'fun' days and do whatever I want.  This time around I treated the day as a 'work' day and did my continuing ed online.  I read a bunch of research papers then took tests online to receive credit.  I passed all five tests and the entire day was frittered away.  I'm thrilled to report I'm done with continuing ed until August (a self imposed deadline).

If you are wondering or are a new reader, I'm maintaining my speech pathology certification just in case a dire circumstance requires me to really really work.

new book read

I'm mulling over the next sweater to cast on.  I'm getting close to a decision, but while I'm thinking about it I'm enjoying my two projects that are short term.  I'm leaning towards a fingering weight cardigan, maybe.

I've been sketching and watercoloring numerous times during the week.  I find lots of inspiration on Pinterest and continue to scour the web for tutorials.  The watercoloring is a hot mess but I'm getting better at using less water (a big deal) and how paper quality is everything.  I'm happy with how I am progressing and each time I sit down I consider it 'practice'. 

If this was knitting this would be a big old garter stitch scarf.  Practicing gauge, tension, holding the needles and carrying the yarn.  Practicing skills in any craft is necessary.

I take for granted my expert knitting skills.

tree practice

I love plain old stockinette stitch and how meditative it is for me.  My socks are plain and wonderful and while I'm knitting my mind can roam to anywhere and everywhere.  At work I sit on the couch and gaze out the window and look at rolling hills.  At home I'll knit and read at the same time. 

When I first started knitting (a long time ago) I searched for impressive stitch designs.  Now I embrace stockinette stitch for its endless beauty and how the simplicity affords me daydreaming. 

I picked up the Happiness Project at a used book sale awhile ago and thought now would be a great time to read it.  I'm already overall happy but why not be happier?  Have you read it? 

new book read

feather and fan blanket made before ravelry and I can't remember the yarn...


  1. I tried reading The Happiness Project, but I just can't abide the author. She is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Of course, YMMV.

    Your trees are looking pretty good. I love those pines.

  2. Congratulations on the passing of your 5 years and your one day off of work this week. I can see your Tree Practice cut down and put into a nice wooden frame. It's a lovely. Have a Great Weekend !

  3. great work to keep your license going! :) I like simple knitting, it is really nice! your drawings are fun, it's so nice to have space to be creative!

  4. I really like your Tree Practice too! It is so easy for me to get into a Zen-like mode when knitting. Congrats on keeping your license up to date (and being finished until August!!). Happy Weekend!

  5. I like your tree drawings - they look so elegant!

    I read the Happiness Project a few years back, and like with the Marie Kondo book, I found some valuable suggestions and things to remember. I sadly do not have the self-discipline to completely revamp myself, but I like to try a few things and see if they can stick.

  6. I am another knitter who doesn't mind endless rows of stockinette sometimes :-).

  7. I must always have a stockinette in the round or garter project on the needles to knit on while I read books, blogs & email... or for when I'm just in a bad mood and need to calm & center myself. I try to always have something with some pattern/design to it for TV/video watching time. Can't wait to see what sweater you choose to knit next. That sock yarn you're using is gorgeous!

  8. Love the blanket! I actually listened to The Happiness Project a few years ago. I checked it out from the library and listened to it while I knit. I liked it. I’m actually going to hear the author speak in person in two weeks here in N. CA. I’ll be bringing my knitting with me❤️.

  9. Yes, I've decided vanilla socks are probably best. I started a really complicated pattern of cables for DIL and they are yet to be finished. Probably just rip it out and start again. What she really liked was the color of the wool, the pattern was for me. lol

  10. I love mindless knitting! Its relaxing and if I want, I can either watch TV or read. Your water colors are great!

  11. Your trees are looking great. Watercolor is hard to really learn. I still feel like a beginner.
    I cannot stand The Happiness Project. I felt like she practically brags about how great her life is -- so why would I think she had anything to teach those of us with less-than-perfect lives?
    I like to have an easy project going and a a hard one -- so I have something for whatever mood I'm in. The problem is that I usually have four or five projects going -- and that is kind of messy.

  12. I would go loony if I did a sweater in fingering weight! Good for you! I do think smaller yarns favor a pretty result. Is your Rainwater in fingering weight?

  13. I am starting a course this week, sign language for the health professional, it is from 8-10 on Wednesday evenings for three weeks. I will really use it because I work with three kids who are non verbal, I work on how they make the sign not necessarily the communication part. It is so much fun. I taught Little Buddy no, yes, more, please, all done, etc and now he tells his teacher no with a sign, big heavy sigh!

  14. Ooh, I want to steal your feather and fan; I'm a big fan of that stitch. And you go on maintaining your speech pathology certificate. Oh, and your trees rock!


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