My Weekend

daytrip to visit my daughter and son in law in Newark DE
lots of car riding and car knitting!
driving through country towns
passing Amish buggies

homemade lunch gathered around a table
talking, laughing, walking

the impossible elusive selfie
all the family together
my husband is really happy, really (maybe not in the mood for a photo?)

ramen noodle soup dinner
slurpie good

how was your weekend?


  1. What a great-looking bunch of people! Maybe your husband was not happy about that guy to his left finding his way into the picture? :-)

  2. What a lovely weekend you had! So much fun - family, food, knitting. And wasn't Saturday a beautiful day?

  3. At least you got them all to pose. Your weekend with family sounds positively lovely!

  4. My daughter and her boyfriend visited for the weekend, which is always a good time! The new puppy enjoyed all the attention he received, although my daughter was very good about giving Popeye equal time. : ) What a great selfie, your husband is wearing the same expression my husband wears for selfies, LOL! Have a great week, Karen!

  5. I love it when you go out and about with your crew. My mum bought a selfie stick for her and my dad when they travel; I'm thinkin we may need one too.

  6. Unlike you, we had a low key weekend, putting stuff from our trip away, babysitting the GK, church and grocery shopping...and even a walk.

  7. Oh YAY! everyone together is awesome ... and I'm sure your husband was smiling on the inside ;-) I know y'all must be loving having both kids within driving distance. (and a long enough drive to justify "car knitting" is really a bonus). I saw your 7pm light photo on instagram ... maybe you've finished that cowl by now?!

  8. What a handsome family! Time together is the best - wherever you may go. Lots of car knitting is even better.

    My weekend was great. Got to see Zach Saturday in chicago. Sunday relaxed at home. Knitted. Talked to my sister on the phone for an hour

  10. Yay for a visit with your daughter and son-in-law. Wish I could have gone along and I could have visited my daughter and son-in-law who also live in Newark DE! Some of those sights looked familiar. :) Loved the selfie...even the one of your hubby. :)

    1. Family and fun ! So nice that they are a road trip away. I meant to post on the weekend but was loaned a new book that I finished reading in 3 days. "Before she knew him ". I haven't read that quickly in decades. It was most enjoyable.

  11. How wonderful to get your family all together, such fun. Sounds like a great weekend.


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