Block Blanket

Frodo admiring the blanket :)
 Oh hey!  I finished that blanket yesterday after some intense marathon knitting.  Because it's mostly a wool -acrylic blend, I buried the thread ends and took a photo.  Phew - another mammoth project finished.  I feel free and light. 

So about the blanket, I originally started a different pattern but there was too much stockinette stitch and garter stitch mixed and the fabric created wasn't flat.  As you know, blocking acrylic blends is nearly impossible so I ripped that project out and started again.

Second time around, I picked my tried and true no nonsense personal pattern.  I alternated six knit stitches with six purl stitches for six rows then flipped the pattern to create a series of knitted and purled blocks.  I've used this for baby blankets many times and love the simplicity of the design. 

The blanket size is three feet wide by five feet long and it's a perfect throw size for my son's apartment.

Ravelry notes are here


  1. Congratulations on finishing a blanket. Sometimes tried and true is best. I'm sure your son will enjoy that blanket made by his loving Mom.

  2. It always feels so good when you've finished a project, well done! I like your blanket pattern and yarn choice. Cathy x

  3. It looks really nice ! Well done, I doubt if I could have managed that much dark yarn..

  4. This looks like the perfect masculine blanket for your son! Congratulations on a great finish and that delightful feeling of freedom!

  5. It looks great! Sometimes simple patterns are the best way to go.

  6. Congratulations on that finish - it looks great and I know your son will appreciate it!

  7. I think it looks really really cozy, and I can't imagine that your son won't love it!

  8. Bravo on getting that blanket finished! I am sure your son will greatly appreciate its warmth (and all the love knit in those stitches!!)

  9. It looks amazing Karen. I love the fleck in the yarn. A great finish.

  10. What an endeavor! I can't imagine knitting a black blanket that size. I bet you do feel free and light now! Well done! (Wow! I seem to really like exclamation points! ha ha)


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