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The knitting time has been gradually increasing a little bit each day, which is perfect for the beginnings of my summer break.  I've been working on two projects this past week. 

The cowl out of leftover yarns is coming along nicely.  While I doubted the color combination initially, I'm totally in love with the colors together now.  Sometimes I have to knit it to see it.  Even though this is an easy knitting pattern, I've managed to mess up the eyelet row.  I boldly thought each time that I could knit and read while executing the eyelets. 

Oh the untruths that I believe in..

The hitchhiker is coming along.  This is a fun relaxing knit that I know i will knit again and again.  I can see what all the fuss is about!

What are you creating this week?


  1. Hitchhikers are addictive and yours is lovely!

  2. Hitchhikers are definitely addictive...but I'm thinking that cowl might be just as addictive. Love the colors you've chosen. I'm working on socks (2 different ones) and a shawl (Odyssey).

  3. I am working on 2 crochet shawls and a blanket. Love the colour combination of the cowl and the hitchhiker is a delight.

  4. I like both of your knitting projects, the hitch hiker is a gorgeous colour. I don't know how anyone can knit and read simultaneously. I'm working on my cardigan and I've just started an amigurumi kit for the Knit & Natter project. Cathy x

  5. I do love that blue/green combo for your cowl, too! ... and still not on the HH bandwagon ... maybe ... someday :-)

  6. When you are totally in love with the colors, it is so fun! Im knitting a very plain gray color. I usually love to see colors as I knit, but for some reason, this gray is fine. I think because I feel I will wear it often. I wish HH was not garter!

  7. I love the colors in that cowl. I agree sometimes you have to knit with yarn/colors to see how they will work out together. I've knit one hitchhiker and enjoyed it. I haven't worn it a lot but will have to remember it next Fall and Winter.

  8. I've been madly in love with your Hitchhiker color since the first moment I spotted it in a post. And your cowl - how could you have doubted those 2 colors together?? They even match your project bag!

  9. The denim goes very well w/the olive green. The green reminds me of the olives with the red pimento (?) in it at the end. I need to wear my Hitchhiker. I doubt I was creating anything this weekend of your post as I was probably burned out from everything as it was the last half week of school, but I did get some knitting in at the crepes place that week Friday.


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