I'm having technical issues and hope it's not contagious.  I've struggled with uploading my monthly back up of photos to Flickr.  They recently did a major overhaul with their hosting site so that might be the reason.  Google is having some hiccups too.  Ah, how we need the technology yet when it fails it's quite inconvenient.  Paper and pencils never fail.

How is your weekend so far?

clover is the main blooming flower on our property

Our son is back for another week, tomorrow he has Lasik surgery and then there are a series of doctor rechecks to make sure all is well.  I've written a menu plan for the entire week.  This is huge since I usually decide what is for dinner the hour before dinner time (with the hopes of eating out instead).

Every single day we've had rain.  To be honest I'd rather have rain than a drought, but golly it's wet around here!  I've been swaddling Frodo who trembles when it rains heavy.  It seems the swaddling works so maybe I should get one of those thunder shirts.  Or I could just use the blanket and enjoy hugging a cuddly dog.

Because of all the car knitting and not being at the gym for over a week, my RA flared a wee bit and I had to take a day off of knitting so that my right hand would stop hurting - I'm thrilled to report I am recovered once more.

After dinner today we sang happy birthday to our son and had birthday brownies.  

trying trying trying
I watercolored over the weekend trying my best to improve, learn and create.  I love doing this!  The more I sit and paint, the more I lose the perfectionist attitude.  I can now flip through previous paintings and SEE my progress.  

I have so much to learn.

 My son has a 3D printer and printed an umbrella piece to repair my broken umbrella.  This umbrella was $2 at Ikea years ago.  Are we frugal?  Perhaps.  Or maybe he needed some craft time.

Tell me about your weekend!


  1. That's amazing, 3D printing. I just can't get my head around it. My son had a 3D Secret Santa gift a few yrs ago. A blue robot with moving arms and legs. Glad your hand has healed, very frustrating for you as well as painful. Hope Frodo gets over his fears and all the best with your sons surgery. Cathy x

  2. Mmm ... birthday brownies! Happy Birthday to your son and all the best with his Lasik surgery. I'm glad your hand is recovered; it's hard to imagine you not knitting for a day!

  3. Your watercolors are lovely. What a talent you have for sketching and painting. Enjoy your son. I hope the Lasik surgery goes well. The days without knitting are hard for me. I hope your hand continues to cooperate.

  4. Well, now, if that just ain't the thing!

  5. Similar to yours ..... lots of rain and issues today with Google. :::sigh:::

    On a brighter note, I had some very nice knit time with Vera and a delicious lunch at a Mexican restaurant she knew about.

  6. Happy Birthday to your son! I have to say that I just adore your illustration, it is super cute.

    Our weekend was full of gardening and driving through the Yorkshire countryside. My daughter had her final exams...we have officially finished homeshooling! Can't quite believe it. We've had a few showers but could totally do with more :)

  7. I love the fix of the umbrella (and rather than frugal, I like to think of it as not being throw-away-minded)

    I hope this week is full of all the good things!

  8. Praying for your son today and good for you for making the menu plan. I need to start doing that on a regular basis. Our weekend was wonderful! We packed the truck on Friday and headed to the Celtic festival bright and early Saturday morning so we could get our tent and display set up in time. The weather was gorgeous...we did well as far as selling goes...met wonderful people and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Yesterday was church and resting!

  9. That's awesome! I can't quite grasp the concept of 3D printing. Sorry you're having an RA flare. Hope you feel better soon. Love the colors in that Hitchhiker, or at least that's what I assume it is. :)

  10. Love your painting and your knitting (hoping you are back to knitting again now and that your RA stays calm). Love the fix for the umbrella - I don't know anything about a 3D printer, but that is so cool he could fix it.

    Best wishes for your son's eye surgery. Mailing just had that in January and is so happy!

  11. Felt like I played catch up ... but I did get to the lake and the weather was lovely. I'm really intrigued by the 3D printer; I really don't get how it works, so maybe I need to see it!

  12. Okay, I don't understand the 3 D printers. But I think the umbrella is fantastic. Hope sons eyes are better soon! Love your hitchhiker .

  13. We had two social engagements. Both were fun but being a homebody they were also exhausting. I did manage some knitting. The umbrella fix is very clever.

  14. Gerard's drugs have been changed due to some rather unpleasant side effects but sadly he too is having a RA flare up. Hope all goes well with your sons surgery and that you feel better soon.

  15. Glad your hand is feeling better already! I love your paintings.
    Hope your sons surgery goes well.


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