Black Eyed Susans and Bees

I have been patiently waiting for these flowers to bloom.  They scream 'summer is here!' and are a beautiful shade of yellow to behold.  The other reason that I love them so is because they are hardy, pest resistant (so far) and drought resistant.  Maybe they are so great because they are a native plant?

This week marks the fifth week of my summer break, so I'm half way through?  Gah!  My happiness lies in the speed of which this summer season is going.  Summer is my least favorite season and every year I try my best not to hate it.  The humidity gets me every single time.  I end up being in the house the whole day just like in the winter months.  My RA flares up in humidity and so I hibernate and go outside for limited amounts of time.

I've been faithfully spending time on my knitting projects in the afternoons.  Sometimes I'm listening to podcasts and other times I'm reading a book while knitting.  The simple projects like the cowl can be double tasked with reading. 

Speaking of reading, I'm nearly done with A Gentleman in Moscow.  Today should be the day I finish reading it.  I love this book on many levels.  I found the main character funny and witty and I loved watching him through the years forge unforeseen friendships and relationships while being under house arrest. 

My other book is The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie.  I have this on my kindle and I remember the plot!  I read this 29+ years ago...I definitely know one or two suspects who didn't do it but as to who committed the murder, I'm not quite sure.  So there is still a bit of mystery for me.

We managed to not eat at a restaurant since the beach vacation which is nearly two weeks, so we are going out to dinner tonight (I do not count the pizza pick up after Mass).  If it's not raining I hope to walk around the town park and maybe get some photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your black-eyed Susans are beautiful. We have a little patch along the side of our access road. They always make me smile.

  2. Our black eyed Susans are just beginning to bloom too. So pretty. Here's hoping the weekend is not too oppressive! Enjoy.

  3. Have a great weekend, Karen! Your gardens look so lovely!

  4. I remember the "how" about Mysterious Affair at Styles but not the "who" - I just checked out At Bertram's Hotel for a little palate cleanser. I'm not sure I ever read it! Your knitting is going great guns. one benefit to sitting inside in the air conditioning?!

  5. Ooh, I like the start of your new shawl WIP; I'll have to look up your project page to see what pattern it is. I will have to remember what black-eyed Susans look like. I learned what peonies were from all whom posted on IG about them.

  6. The black eyed Susan's are a delight, so very pretty. Time is flying by half way through your break already, where does the time go? Beautiful projects on the go as always.

  7. Summer flowers are beautiful not here where they are all dead from too much heat and rain, but certainly everywhere else. Love your knitting, enjoy your five weeks off, even if it is humid it is time for you!

  8. We have already spoken about our common dislike of summer so you know I feel your pain! The humidity this week was unbearable and I am grateful for our window airconditioners. I will have to pick up A Gentleman in Moscow at the library, I always trust your recommendations! I just finished reading The Language of Flowers and loved it! Have a great weekend, Karen!

  9. I really enjoyed A Gentleman in Moscow. Somehow the idea of being courteous and civil to everyone appealed to me. At least that is the way I saw his behavior. The black-eyed susans in my yard have buds but no flowers yet. I bet they will bloom with the heat predicted for the next ten days. Your knitting projects look gorgeous as ever - I love that raspberry pink shawl/scarf.

  10. Beautiful Black Eyed Susans, the bees are fascinating aren't they, quietly going about their work. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer break Karen, it sounds frustrating for you being at the mercy of pain and humidity. Take care, Cx


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