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Good morning!

My knitting projects have been slowly coming along.  I started another cowl with the same pattern continuing my deep stash busting of partial fingering weight skeins.  These cowls are a perfect summer project, it's like sock knitting only no heel shaping and you wear it around your neck.

My son is visiting for the week.  By the way his lasik surgery went swimmingly well!!  The electricity was on and stayed on ha, ha.  We were there for the morning and everyone was commenting on the bizarre event.  He had an appointment 24 hours after the procedure and he has normal vision (already!).  Ah, the resilience of youth!

Back to the knitting, because my son is here, the knitting is seldom.  I did manage to give this banana leaf shawl some rows, when he leaves I'll have more time to focus on this project. 

Also I have a super secret knitting project that one day I will reveal.  I have a hard time keeping secrets so maybe I'll spill the beans soon.  My motivation to keep it secret is that there is a slim chance the recipient may read this blog, maybe..

What are you working on this week?


  1. Ooo! Your Banana Leaf Shawl looks lovely!

  2. You could tell just *US*. LOL We won't spill the beans. That burgundy yarn is GOR-geous!

  3. So glad your son's lasik surgery went well (and that the power stayed on!!).

    The burgundy yarn is so pretty and I'm thinking of a cowl. This looks like a really nice pattern too:

    Stay cool in this nasty heat!!!

  4. I love the cowl and the color of that shawl is wonderful.

  5. Thrilled your son's surgery went well. Love the cowl and the shawl, the colour of the shawl is stunning beautiful for over the festive season.

  6. So glad that your son's surgery went well. My daughter had the same procedure years ago and continues to have 20/20 vision. I'm very jealous! My knitting is on hiatus while I work on designing a cross stitch ornament for my daughter's wedding. Keeping it simple since I will have to make about 20 of them, LOL!

  7. LOVE the color you're using for that shawl and your stash busting cowl is making me want to abandon my current projects and go stash diving. Glad your son's surgery went well. I don't even like using eye drops. Just the thought of eye surgery makes me twitch.

  8. The Banana Leaf shawl looks lovely. I am trying to stick with the ribbed socks and the cardigan although I pulled out some fingering scraps for a simple shawl. I am itching for a lace project so we will see what develops. I am glad you son's surgery went well. The young bounce back so quickly.

  9. What an interesting concept of a banana shaped leaf for a shawl. Glad your son's lasik went well.


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