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Hello!  Today is THE day where cool breezes prevail.  Finally a break in the weather, I'm wearing jeans, the back door is opened and I'm loving every single second.  Knowing that summer is winding down and seeing some leaves fall to the ground gives me hope. 

This post is a mish mash of what's on my mind.

My reentry into work was fantastic.  She was inquisitive, funny and delightful to spend the day with.  She kept asking me 'what's your name?'.  I was off ten weeks and I saw her once during those ten weeks, how can you forget my name??  We talked a lot, well maybe I rambled and she chimed in.  I went on and on about the fall and how great it is, I asked her what she liked best about fall and she said 'wearing boots'.  Gah, it was a fun discussion.

There's a new cat (kitten) at work who was friendly and affectionate, he was dumped on their property (humans are evil).  Thinking back about when I rescued Holly from death on the side of the road, I believe she survived some sad tragic events because she is a scaredy cat through and through.  However, she now 'tolerates' my abundant kisses instead of trying to escape.  She has made great strides in her bravery to accept love.

son has arrived

I bought a new area rug for the foyer!  Lowes had a 50% off sale of area rugs and we stumbled across this one.  I love it.  Someone asked me what I bought at Ikea a few weeks ago, so here's the list:  a new duvet cover for our daughter's old room and a new duvet cover for my bed as well.  We bought two new floor lamps for the family room, two throw pillows for our sofa, a table runner and a new shower rod.

I could have bought more if given the chance, I love Ikea.

Our son is here for the weekend because of a one month recheck for his Lasik procedure.  I'm happy to have a full house and we have some fun plans in the works depending on the weather.


I finished the baby sweater last night and need to find some buttons before I soak and block it.  What a fast knit! 

full house

I bought new gym shoes after weeks of having problems with my right ankle swelling or hurting.  I'm amazed at the difference with the ankle stability from the new shoes  and wish I would have gone shoe shopping sooner.  I wear the shoes most of the day and the swelling is minimal at best.  I must have sprained my ankle on the sand at the beach but didn't realize it.  I know I was complaining a lot walking on the loose sand.

The last thing on my mind is tracking my added sugar within a day.  What a sobering sad state of affairs.  The sugar I put in my coffee alone is 14 grams.  Sigh.  The daily allowance is 25 grams of added sugar.  I should have never investigated.

Okay, that it for what's on my mind, I now need to dig up some buttons. Have a great weekend!

the charcoal picture on the easel was made by my husband


  1. Enjoy being back at work, the new cat, cooler weather, your new home purchases, and your son! All wonderful things!

  2. This post is so full of you! I feel like sitting and having a cup of coffee with you would be the most glorious thing! And, speaking of coffee - I have a fix for your sugar (at least in your coffee) I too have been working on reducing sugar intake! My solution to morning coffee is that I make my own simple syrup at just under half strength (1 cup water to a scant half cup of sugar) it is still sweet and you are getting so much less sugar!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad your work re-entry was so good! And a new kitty!! Fun. I can't believe you are finished the baby sweater already. Your husband's picture is so nice - he is very talented. Enjoy your son home for the weekend - the weather should be wonderful - enjoy!!

  4. What a great post. I feel like I have just sat with you and a cup of tea discussing life. I do so love these sort of posts!

  5. It is amazing how much sugar can creep into our food. As an insulin-dependent diabetic I have to count EVERY carb. It really opened my eyes and unfortunately, there are some things I just can't have anymore.

    The new kitten is adorable. Hope your work-year goes well.

  6. Wow! Your husband is quite the artist! Our weather changed over night too. Temps dropped almost 20 degrees and the humidity is gone. I SO hope it stays this way. Can't wait to see what knitting project replaces the baby sweater, and of course, what buttons you choose for it.

  7. Oh yay for one-month follow-up appointments! I know you're really enjoying your full house! I can totally relate to how wonderful it feels to put on pants and socks and sit in front of an open window. Bristol "summer" is Atlanta's "fall" :-) Hope you found buttons. I am close to finishing a sweater for myself and need four buttons ... I guess there's a trip to JoAnns in my near future!

  8. Your days with the little three year old sounds like lots of fun to me. I love that age. That baby sweater flew off the needles. What will you work on next? Cooler here but with rain so the humidity hangs on. The rain is welcome though. Sugar - it is in everything. Enjoy your Sunday.

  9. Aww She won't forget you name anymore! Glad you have some family time !!!!That kitten is adorable. And your rug pick is just lovely ! Im trying to talk my husband into getting rid of the old lazy boys!

  10. Good to catch up with your news. In England UK, we're having a heatwave. It's 25°c today, very stuffy sleeping at night. We don't have AC as it's only for a few days each year. Trying to do knitting and reading each day. Glad work is ok, kids say some funny things. Cx

  11. Ooh! Didn't know your husband also drew; oh wait a minute, I think he watercolored or something also on a trip of yours in the past, yeah? Glad that kitty found a good home. The toddler is so funny.

  12. I am happiest when everyone is home and I can relax because I am not worried they are off doing something they shouldn't. But then again I love alone time, which mind you I get very little of. Good you had a wonderful day with the little one, hope your son's check up went well and have a great week.


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