Purple Gray Cowl

I finished the second of three cowls that I placed in project bags before the summer started.  This time around the pop color is a pale pink.  I took some photos for you all to show the finished cowl but I need to re-soak the cowl because after it dried I saw some minor bleeding from the dark colors to the pale pink wool.

Ravelry notes

I am reading on my Kindle a psychological thriller, The Woman in the Window.  I know it's over done at times in novels, but I love an unreliable narrator.  While the plot is a slow buildup I am reading this book any moment I get a chance just to see what happens next.

What are you working on?

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  1. Your cowl is beautiful. Love the patterns in it and the colors too. "The Woman in the Window" sounds like it could be good! I'm working on the 2nd kitty sock and still reading "The Dakota Winters" which I am enjoying a lot.

  2. Oh no! I hate when colors bleed like that! But, that cowl is truly lovely! I love the pop of pink :)

  3. Such a pretty cowl! I need to find a pattern that is wider than the normal cowl pattern as I want my cowls a little more drapey--- Your colors are fantastic. :)

  4. Yay for another finished project! I can see why you would like that sort of narration in a book :)

  5. I hope the bleeding comes out. Your cowl is beautiful.

  6. Such a pretty cowl. I hope the bleeding smoothes out. An Indie dyer once commented to me after I wrote to her and explained I'd had some bleeding in her self-striping yarn that she recommended washing her yarn in a mild non-woolwash soap. The writer recommended Dawn dish soap. I sometimes use that and rinse the soap out rather than opt for the wool wash. Let's see I am back to my sweater and have a scrappy shawl going.

  7. Oh how pretty! I hope you can get it all looking perfect, but even if not, I really like it.

  8. Love the cowl, but I'd never have guessed it's purple and pink. On my screen, it shows up as a dark forest green, black and cream. Hope you can get the bleeding out.

  9. Right now I'm working on a Tiny Window Cat and reading Destiny of the Republic which is absolutely fascinating.

  10. You are whippin out those cowls. I am working on lunch for the house; my tween and our neighbor came back from their 7th grade orientation. Pot's boiling; gotta run.


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