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Over the long weekend, I caved in and started a new knitting project with one of the gradient yarns I purchased last week.  Ah, the decadence of sitting and preparing a new project.  It's like cracking open the first page of a new novel.

So far this knit is a breeze and I'm seeing the color change as of last night (not in the photo). 

My reading has been various this past week, here is the current list:

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
Murder is a Motive by Francis Duncan
Almost Everything by Anne Lamott
Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr

The Neil Gaiman book is on my Kindle and I read that one on the treadmill.  The others are 'real' books and I read them whenever.  Having this many to read I find I'm always in the mood for one of them!

What are you working on this week?

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  1. I am fighting that back to school crud and trying to make my way through this first week of parent meetings. Your yarn is so pretty. I have been wanting to try one of those gradient skeins.

  2. That gradient is gorgeous! Apple Tree Knits was pretty well sold out of sale gradients when I looked last week, but I'm glad you started your new project and I get to admire it here.

  3. 'Tis the Season of Socks here. Oh who am I kidding ----------EVERY season is the season of socks here. Love the colors in your new yarn.

  4. What pattern are you using with that pretty yarn? I love Anne Lamott's books.

  5. Oh yay for a new ball of yarn with a fun project! but mostly YAY for that pile of books!! I read Everything Belongs while I was in Bristol with Sara and that book will forever hold a special time and place in my heart for being part of that transition.

  6. That is a lovely pattern, looking forward to seeing how that yarn knits up. I am with you on reading lots of books at once to suit your mood, I have started to do that too recently. I never understood how people could keep track reading that way but it is so easy!

  7. I do love your new gradient project! And, your book stack is so inviting! I have some "real" books I need to go pick up from the library!

    (and my project is Reagan, although I can't get Joji's new Ashes wrap out of my mind!)

  8. The joy of a new project can't be beat. Your shawl looks very fall-ish. I am working on a sweater and a pair of mitts. Oh yes I had some hospital duty last week and I knit on a sock.

  9. Something about pulling the yarn from the centre, which adds to the surprise of the next colour, I'm guessing. Yarn looks lovely and squidgy. I don't think I could keep four books on the go, although I do love the idea of reading and running.

  10. That yarn is gorgeous. Happy Reading!


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