We visited our son over the weekend in State College.  He'll be applying for academic jobs during this fall for next fall if he lands a position.  Who knows where he will be (!!) so I'm taking advantage to his proximity to us while we can.  I dislike uncertainty and change with a passion, but if he is happy then I will be happy.

I told him to accept the job that has the MOST yarn stores near him... I have priorities.

On the drive in to seeing him I started these mitts in a size small, knitting about 2-3 inches then deciding that a large would be a better fit so I ripped all that out and casted on again.  I ended up changing my mind on the mitt pattern for this yarn because the previous pattern I selected did not have charts and there were a lot of words to read...

Charts are the way to go for my brain, I glance and boom, I'm off and knitting!

Yesterday I knitted with my friends and came home to a lovely home cooked curry dinner.  I love when my husband cooks and I do not have to cook.  Also we have plenty of left overs for another 3 meals between us.

The weekend was fresh air inside and outside of the house.  Frodo languished outside enjoying the mild weather while Holly sat at the opened door watching Frodo, and possibly the world.  The house was calm quiet and relaxing.

How was your weekend?


  1. What a great weekend you had! I'm glad you've already set the priorities for your son's job hunt and I hope he listens to his mother! Those are lovely mitts, especially with Fall in the title.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend ... and what beautiful light coming into your kitchen!

  3. It was such a lovely weekend! I think this weather should be bottled and saved to open on the most miserable days of the year! :)

  4. What a lovely weekend you had (and great advice to your son - ha!). Isn't it funny how brains work? I much prefer a chart to written instructions.

  5. Looks like you have a good match of pattern and yarn with those mitts. We had a quiet weekend but Saturday was the best. The day felt like autumn had really come to town. I did a little knitting and we made some fall traveling plans. I hope your son finds a job close to you and a number of yarn shops.

  6. Yes , the light streaming your kitchen is glorious! Being near our adult kids is such gift! My weekend: worked hard on a gift for my father that may not please him at all. I can only hope. Worked in the yard to prep for next year and hope for 2nd year flowers in the summer next year. Spent over an hour and a half on the phone with Allison my daughter. Spent an hour with my sister on the phone!!!

  7. What a lovely weekend you had. I started a full time job and I’m trying to get used to my new schedule. The weekends go by so fast!

  8. Can't wait to see how the mitts turn out. I love the ruffly cuff that the cables formed. I also love the glow in your kitchen. So pretty and so fall-ish.

  9. Yarn stores nearby.. ha.. good to have your priorities.
    Our weekend was carazy!

  10. I love your kitchen!! Best wishes for your son's job hunt!!! I love having leftovers!

  11. Lucky you to be at State College, PA! It's been at least 6 years since we've been back. So what pattern did you use on the mitts?

  12. Sounds like the ingredients for lovely weekend. I love food that I don't cook for myself, it doesn't happen often round here. Leftovers are the best, they seem to be a bit scarce here at the moment with a teenage boy in the house! My weekend was full of cooking and getting ready to go away for a few days, it was busy but fun too.


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