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This past week has felt like fall.  Oh my goodness, am I in my glory!  Where ever I drive I am treated to many maple trees at peak color.  They are the showiest of trees.  My favorite continues to be the oak trees, plain brown but a brilliant brown.

I look best in all of the colors of fall.  I could wear each burnt orange, subdued red and yes, plain old brown in my wardrobe.  Sigh, I want to bottle up all of my good feelings about autumn and take them out during a July heat wave.

I forgot to mention that I did win the virus war last week and did not go onto antibiotics.  Resting and more resting served me well.  The preschooler has taken a break from sharing her viruses.  Maybe she has none to share as well.  We had a great day on Tuesday and near the end of the day she fell asleep.  I wore her out.  Truth be told, I could have fallen asleep right with her if I wasn't on child care duty.

Frodo had his annual check up late last week and the minor mini lumps and bumps (two) were not concerning at all to the vet.  I let out a sigh of relief and snuggled him some more.  He is ten years old this month, he still acts like a wild pup at times but I know he is a senior dog (but he doesn't know that yet).

Holly turned two years old as well this month.  Where does the time fly?

My husband and I got our flu shots on Monday and are wallowing in self pity about our sore arms.  Last year I had no reaction at all.  What's up with this year?  I even took tylenol to forget about it.  I'd like to blame the medical technician who administered the shot..

Back to waxing and waning about fall - I made a pumpkin pie and every single day as I had a slice I was thinking how tasty and decadent it was to have this dessert.  I did consider how I could make it all the time, but where would the specialness be of having pumpkin pie if I had it all the time?

In the photo below is the Italian wool my husband brought back from his trip to Italy last December, I have five skeins total.  I've been mulling over what sweater to make for me.  I haven't decided yet..

Below are the mitts I cast on again for a holiday gift.  I am making the smaller size but went up to size three needles and it's fitting my hand beautifully.  I think the wool is DK weight instead of sport weight so I made the tweaks to account for the difference in thickness.

I continue to do the prompts of Inktober and while I get frustrated with my lack of creativity at times, I am having fun filling in pages and now being able to flip through them.


  1. I like your choice of yarn and color for the new mitts, which someone will surely enjoy. I also love autumn. The warm breezes, the colors of leaves as they fall from the trees and the sky as it changes throughout the day. Our mountain aspens, the golden quaking aspens, are long past peak and now the mountains have a cap of snow. This is the part of autumn that saddens me as I so dislike the chill of winter. Leafing through your book must bring you joy. I like it!

  2. Inktober sounds like so much fun! And, those new mitts look like they will be cozy and warm!

  3. Sadly, the rain/wind took down many of our lovely Autumn colored leaves. -sigh- But I'm so glad, I really noticed them, while they were still abundantly here. -smile-

    And as I sit here, late in the afternoon, even though clouds have taken over from the sunshine of earlier.... The beautiful pink-gold-yellow leaves left, outside the window, are giving a soft glow, to the room. -smile-

    Wonderful that you beat the cold!!!!!!


  4. I love how your hubbie brought yarn back for you! So sweet. I am so going to make a pumpie pie from scratch this year. One year I only made the filling I think from scratch. I want to try pie crust dough too. Your little coasters are cute. I should make some for here as the black silicone ones have disappeared some.

  5. I was smitten with pumpkin pie and those mitts, but Inktober also sounds fascinating and fun. Dare I give it a try myself? I just might!

  6. Glad to hear that you beat that cold without having to take antibiotics, yeah. The autumn colours are really coming out now aren't they, so beautiful. I now realised why I love to go out walking more at this time of year. Love the colour of the yarn bought home from Italy, looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  7. I feel the same way about fall. It's definitely my favorite season. Our leaves are all brown this year though. We've been having a drought and we've only had real rain (real = more than a light & brief drizzle) twice since July. Glad you're feeling better & hope you stay that way. Love the mitts & can't wait to see what sweater pattern you choose.

  8. I LOVE the idea of bottling Fall so we can enjoy it in the heat of the summer! and your Inktober sounds really tempting (maybe next year?!). So glad you're feeling better!

  9. I've been absent because I have the virus. I t started with laryngitis on Monday. Full blown snotty ness by Friday. I dragged myself to the Halloween Fun Run at the barn. It is the Halloween thing I love the most now. I was exhausted afterwards and I only walked a tiny portion of the race. You don't want to be around me now. Im a coughing mess

  10. That's good you are feeling better. Time really does fly I remember when you brought Holly home that doesn't feel like 2 years ago! Time is going fast lately I am thinking Christmas is just around the corner. Lovely mitts they will make a wonderful Christmas present. Have a good week!

  11. I love pumpkin pie but I think it tastes even better in the Autumn. Enjoy!

  12. Both pairs of mitts are lovely. I can't wait to see the pattern you choose for the yarn your husband brought you from Italy. What a wonderful mate. I have also been enjoying the maples in our neighborhood. Autumn is my favorite season.


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