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I've been knitting a little bit each day on all three of my current projects.  So the progress is minimal at best but I am adding rows!

My first project is the pair of socks for my husband.  I'm using a sock pattern that is memorized in my brain and is my go to cuff down traditional sock with a heel gusset.  I think it's the best fitting sock all around. 

For variety I am doing a little 2x2 ribbing for two rows in between four rows of stockinette.  This is so I don't bore myself to death with a plain sock.

Next up is my sweater!  Oh I feel all the feels when knitting this one.  Is it too big? Is it too small?  Currently it's just right.  All the stockinette knitting curls under and makes the sweater look smallish.  I have one more row (or two) to go and then I do the body shaping.  I love the miles of plain knitting for reading my Kindle at the same time.

Last up is this cowl.  The knitting is a treat so I am taking my time and enjoying the knitting journey.  The wool us soft but crisp and I know when I soak and block this cowl I will be wearing it daily.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Great knitting projects! but, I especially love your cowl! I am a glutton for punishment and am trying to knit another pair of slippers for feet that are well outside the pattern sizing!

  2. I love all of your projects, and by knitting a bit on each of them you'll soon have three FOs! I'm still knitting hats. I hope to finish two of them today and cast on two more.

  3. Great projects - all of them! And, such pretty yarn. I like your idea of breaking up the stockinette stitching on the sock with a bit of ribbing. I may try that on the next pair I make!

  4. I always love seeing that someone else has more than on project on the needles. I currently have two sweaters and a blanket. Oh and a hat 😊

  5. No crafting here. But lovely, that you are enjoying yours!

    "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..."
    ♬ 🎶 ♫

  6. I am uncharacteristically focused on just one WIP at a time ... well on knitting just one at a time. I have THREE sweaters nearly done, but they need a seam, or buttons.

  7. Wow three projects at once! I always try to only have one at a time, but that does not always happen. Currently I am working on felted animal presents for my little sister while my Indian Nights Blanket piece looks at me accusingly because I have abandoned it for now. I am almost done with the animals and then I will return to my blanket.

  8. I have that same concern with my sweater in progress. I made it up a size and it looked way too big. I went down to the next size and now I worry that it will grip like an ace bandage. LOL

    Happy knitting and reading to you.

  9. What great colors for the holidays!

  10. Lovely projects. I have just finished a wash cloth, nearly completed a mitten and have been adding rows to a tunic for my daughter.

  11. Such nice projects for December. I love the color of the purple sweater. Three active projects is the sweet spot for me. Sometimes I alternate between and then sometimes I am mesmerized by one project. Currently it is a pair of socks that I started on our trip to Ct. in October. I hope to finish the second sock - tonight! I knit it too short last evening. I have the shawl of leftover Chickadee going. I might need another project.

  12. I have just placed that cowl on my Ravelry list. It is a beauty. My friend gave me beautiful pink yarn she no longer wants and I would like to make her something with it, this would be perfect! Happy knitting.


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