my dad and step mom made this snowman for us for Christmas!
 How was your weekend?   I'd like to say that I achieved so much BUT I didn't.  I finished a book and started another one on my Kindle.  I'm now on the last Gamache book (A Better Man).  I could spend every single glorious day knee deep in Louise Penny's novels. 

I didn't really read much of the Grant biography.

I did spend hours and hours researching and on-line shopping for a new rosary from my husband.  He said to me 'don't you have a hundred of those?'.  Um, no, I do not.  I have three rosaries.  My first one is from my Holy Communion, my second one is from my Confirmation and my last one is a spectacular glow in the dark rosary I purchased while in a church in NYC. 

This isn't even buying one rosary per decade that I am alive!  I narrowed down my choices to four and he picked THE one.  I'm excited for Christmas now.

four deer in the safety zone
 I mistakenly bought the wrong Moleskine notebook from Barnes and Noble (online) so we went to a real store and I returned and purchased the right one.  I wish Moleskine would make their notebooks a bit more easier to tell apart.  I go by number of pages and the color of the wrapper (and still made a mistake).

On Saturday we picked up a pizza from a different shop.  I prefer our regular pizza store where everyone knows your name and the pizza is delicious. 

Miss Holly and her tree
The above photo was yesterday morning, Miss Holly snuck out while Frodo was sleeping under the ottoman so she could sleep near her tree.  She has been so happy these days.  She purrs quite loudly in the mornings.

While out and about with my husband yesterday, he wanted to go into Guitar Center (yawn).  I made a rookie mistake.  I didn't bring my Kindle nor any knitting project.  So my time in the guitar store was forever.  I was nice and kept my comments to myself because whenever we are in a yarn store, he is ever so patient!  I, however, am an antsy 3 year old.

My sweater is past the armholes and is now gloriously in a sea of boring stockinette.  I can now read and knit at the same time.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Holly looks quite happy and like she is guarding her tree. I've also learned the hard way to never leave the house without knitting and/or a book. I knit last night while I was waiting for our pizza. John, the waiter, and several customers thought it was a weird place, but I got an inch done on a hat!

  2. What a lovely snowman! (and smart deer!) I am glad you had a good weekend (despite the idle - antsy time in the music store!)

  3. I like your snowman! Holly looks like she is getting bigger. Tyg has been purring so loudly lately - if he is on the bed and starts up, it's enough to wake you up! Tyg has also really been bulking up - consuming a ton of food. Yesterday he cam racing across the yard and I opened the door. Luckily I closed it again as he had a GIANT mouse in his mouth - and the rodent was still alive. Yikes! I love Three Pines from the Louise Penny books, but I did not enjoy the latest one all that much. Will be curious to see how you like it.

  4. I hope Holly doesn't "play" with the ornaments. My weekend was good, took my grandson to a basketball game on Saturday then made nachos for tea. Yesterday I did some miniature work, got the outside lights down from the loft but didn't put them up until today, and decided that I wasn't really into the book I was reading so need to find another one, I might follow your lead and try a Louise Penny one .

  5. It's a shame you didn't have your knitting. Sounds like your sweater was at the perfect stage for that kind of place.

    Holly looks SWEET as always.

  6. One can never have too many rosaries! I have one in every room, in my car, in my purse and in my knitting bag. That way I do not need to search for one in case of an emergency prayer request. The snowman is quite adorable. Nice to have crafty people in the family. Holly seems to be to enjoying her tree time. She is being so good not climbing it or batting the lower ornaments. Too bad you didn't have your knitting or a book with you at the guitar shop. Did hubby purchase anything?

  7. Just think about the things you did get done!!!!! -smile-

    So happy for the kitty, who could sleep near her tree. Love that she is purring so loudly.

    Here it was a laid back weekend, per usual. Did find out more about Christmas Day. Dinner is usually at one son's. It will be at other son's, this year. Which makes much sense, since the family dinner table, gets more and more places to set. As the family grows. At this house, the dining room table can extend, in an L out into the hall. -smile-

    ♬ 🎶 ♫

  8. I have three rosaries, the first one belonged to my great aunt who died when she was 27 from a seizure...there was no treatment for epilepsy at that time. I purchased my second one in Bethlehem when I visited the Holy Land in 2010 and I love the feel of the olive wood beads. My third rosary was a gift from a friend that she purchased for me in Fatima last year. I hope your Christmas rosary brings you many blessings!

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was not very good as people in my family were sick. I somehow did not get sick. I did finish my knitting project, a hat for my Grandpa, so that was good. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Love your snowman. I have a molskine diary every year, I am glad it is not just me that finds it really difficult to find exactly what I want. I agree they all look the same and it is can be impossible to work out the right size too, why should that be so hard when you know what you want? I have discovered quite by chance that I can order them through my local book shop as they all have an ISBN but working out the right number is another rabbit hole....... I am glad it is only once a year!

  11. Cats and Christmas trees are just natural friends. So far our only issue is Beatles wants to chew the fake needles. Ive had to super soak him from afar a few times. Seems to be working. I need a rosary. Hmm. I want to find my own though. It is a really personal thing , I think. I have a Virgin Mary and child figurine that was a gift. I have a glow in the dark blessed Mother missing a hand. I have several our Lady of Guadalupe statues. They are lovely because of ZACH and Mexico

  12. The snowman is darling! Fun Holiday figures make great decorations and the season feels special.

  13. Yes, I do understand how you felt in the guitar store. That is how I feel whenever my husband goes into a game store. One quick look around and I'm finished. He could settle in and stay for hours. I love the sweater. Such a fun picture of your kitty under the Christmas tree. Sounds like a decent weekend. Have a good week.

  14. Holly loves to make a nest under our tree ... thankfully, that's all she does and I don't have to worry about anything falling down. and here's to stockinette knitting. I have about 4 more inches to go on the body of Charlie's sweater and it's delightful!

  15. Stockinette knitting is just the ticket for these weeks before Christmas. Holly looks like she enjoys the Christmas tree. I know - knitting, just don't leave home without it is my motto. And when I fail to do so, I am usually sorry. Have a good week.

  16. Holly is good kitty. Saturday we stayed in as it was raining. The teen and I watched a holiday movie on Netflix. Sunday we went yum cha with neighbors while the teen went thrifting and to a school drama club play for extra credit.

  17. Sounds like a frustrating weekend. Happy to hear Holly is enjoying her tree and your sweater looks great so far. I don't usually buy Moleskins but I do repeatedly purchase several things that have measurements such as Classic, A-4, A-5.... It drives me crazy because one Classic is 5 x 4 inches and one is 7 x 8 and I can never remember which is which. And then once I figure that out, I have to Google A-4 & A-5 to see what they actually measure. As for my weekend, I honestly don't even remember. I probably did laundry. :)


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