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Good morning and hello!  I'm sitting in my kitchen looking at a beautiful snowy scene outside my window.  I'm excited to share my progress on my current knitting projects.

The chili pepper cowl is coming along nicely, I eliminated the bobbles in one section because I do not have enough yarn and I don't particularly like bobbles.  So I replaced the bobbles with a simple eyelet.  I took this project to babysitting and it was perfect for picking up and putting down without too much bother.

Next up is my purple sweater.  I'm about an inch away from starting the edging and the miles of endless stockinette have been wonderful for reading the Grant biography on my Kindle.  Depending on how this sweater fits, I'll be casting on another one! 

My last current project is a new cast on.  I chose the Aisling Shawl pattern that has been in my queue forever.  I like how most of the knitting is garter stitch so I can work on this project while watching TV.  I have more than enough yarn to make a size between the small and large sizes given. 

I finished the pair of socks for my husband on December 20th but didn't share them here (or at least I don't think I did...).  The pattern is a memorized one in my head.  The body of the sock is 2 rows stockinette and two rows of 2x2 ribbing.  I just needed some pattern to keep track of making the socks exactly the same size.

What are you working on these days?


  1. I was trying to decide which of your projects might be my favorite, but they are all wonderful! The colors of the cowl and sweater are beautiful, the socks look so warm and cozy, and I look forward to seeing the gradient develop in the shawl. Great knitting!
    P.S. I'm back to Hitchhikers after lots of hats.

  2. Wow you are working on so much at once! I love those socks. The ribbing looks really good. As does the sweater. So many cozy warm things to knit is perfect for the snowy quiet days of January. I am working on my Indian Nights blanket. Though truthfully I have hardly done any knitting for more than a week. I should get back to it.

  3. You have made wonderful progress on your sweater! And, I love your pattern choice for that gorgeous yarn! It will be a lovely shawl! (I am back to knitting my Evening Dew Cardigan!)

  4. All of your projects are wonderful. The chili pepper cowl - wow! Love the color. Your sweater has progressed so much and I guessed correctly that you would knit a shawl with that yarn. Thanks for the link to the pattern - I believe I have some lace weight yarn that would work perfectly for that pattern. And, I love the socks you made for your husband - I've made a note of your pattern, because it sounds easy, but looks really squishy and nice. I think Fletch would like some in that pattern (probably Colin too - lol). I'm still working on the Canary Blanket, my Monkey Socks and the Head/Ear Band that I am designing as I go.

  5. All wonderful projects! I really like those socks and that cowl looks great too! I'm looking forward to seeing that sweater finished.

  6. Your needles have been Busy! Busy! I’m with Vera: love the Chili Pepper cowl!
    Knit on!

  7. I have been wanting to try a sweater for ages but haven't yet got up the nerve. I love the color of the one you are working on, as well as that gorgeous chili pepper cowl! I'm currently knitting on a cowl as well, using a pattern I have used before. : )

  8. I love all of these projects. I have a sweater in the works whose width wise gauge is correct, but the length wise is quite off. I am discouraged. All of you pretty knitting makes me want to figure it out.

  9. I am going to cast on a sock today, the first I have knit in ages and ages. I am joining a KAL so it has been a motivator to get me knitting socks again. I am looking forward to it.

  10. All beautiful projects! Love the shawl design and have added it to my queue. The sock patterning is fantastic too. So versatile!

  11. The socks came out great. I bet your husband loves them. The color of the cowl is spectacular. I'm with you, I'm not crazy about bobbles either - knitting or the finished look. Something about shawl knitting is comforting and the colors in that gradient are so peaceful. They say January to me. I've a shawl and a cowl on the needles. Swatching for a baby sweater this evening.

  12. Great WIPs and FO. I finally got some knitting in today. Those cards are driving me bananas so I needed a mental break.


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