This weekend was fantastic.  First of all I've had a miracle healing after my 'almost but saved' trip in the garage.  I feel unstoppable!  I've had a mind reset and I am extra cautious to slow down.  Why of why am I always in a hurry?

Second of all I've started a new top down yoke sweater.  I saw this pattern while doing a search on Ravelry (as one does) and I could not resist.  I bought the burnt orange yarn (the main color) while visiting my sister last fall.  The contrasting colors I originally bought were not super-wash like the main color, so I was ultra lucky to do some online yarn shopping last week to find my colors.

The only color that I'm not sure about is the dark gray.  However, I keep knitting because I know I'll know when I have enough rows knitted whether to keep the color or switch it out.  I never mind ripping out and starting over again.

Saturday was lots of knitting, finishing a book and going to Mass in the evening.  We picked up a pizza for dinner and relaxed in the evening.

Sunday was lots of knitting and all those pesky chores like laundry. 

How was your weekend?


  1. I helped Justin pack and move the rest of his stuff back to NJ, and then then we drove down to MD. Too much time in the car, and I was the driver, so no knitting time! I'm looking forward to seeing you knitted yoke. I bet those colors will look great together!

  2. Love that sweater and those colors are wonderful!

  3. Love your new start and the colors you've chosen. I had some of those pesky chores this weekend too! LOL But still managed to sneak in various knitting. And my crocus are blooming!!

  4. A beautiful pattern Karen. I think we live in a hurrying world, it can be difficult to be the one who is moving slowly. I am a work in progress on that one too x

  5. I did some Sock Knitting for St. Paddy's Day! :) I love your yarn colors!

  6. Oh goodness! Your sweater will be gorgeous! I can't wait to see those beautiful yarns knitted up.

  7. The mustard color is gorgeous.
    Yay that you feel so unstoppable.. but yes please slow down nonetheless.

  8. Yes, we are we always in hurrrry-mode?????

    And we do need to notice this, and work on counteracting it. -smile-

    It's unsafe. It's not good for our overall health. Hurrrry-hurrrry mode is like "fight or flight". Baddddd for our health.

  9. Steve's birthday was Sunday .............special meal out. Always fun.

    A bit of knit AND a bit of dress shopping (boooooooooooo!) for a special occasion. I found nothing appropriate (double boooooooooooo).

  10. What a good looking bunch of yarn for a yoked sweater. I am anxious to see how you put the colors together. Quiet weekend here but the weather was positively balmy, 64 degrees on Sunday. It feels a little eerie - too warm for the first part of March. I had two lovely walks and finished some knitting projects.

  11. I really like those yarn colors. I think they will go well together.

  12. My weekend was hard for me as Fireman went to the barn classes and I stood or sat on my donut. Sunday friends took us out for early afternoon dinner and it was a mistake for me to sit on the coats on a hard bench. But, the sun was warm! I sold a levi's jacket I had been trying to get rid of, and a snowboard. All in all, pretty good if you take away missing the BARN!

  13. Knitting up that jumper will be fun for you. Plymouth Worsted is a great workhorse yarn.


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