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Our daughter's birthday was this week and because we couldn't see her in person we sent flowers and presents.  As soon as we get together, I'm having a big fat piece of birthday cake with them after singing Happy Birthday!  How are you?  I've been busy keeping myself busy. 

I'm scheduling out my days doing my best to push myself to relax and pursue my crafts and interests.  Most of the time I'm successful but as you know sometimes it's a challenge.  I've been upping my exercise and tweaking my diet all for a healthier 'me'. 

My kidney doctor adjusted my meds for a better blood pressure reading and so I'm digging deep into my lifestyle to see what I can do as well.  As my dad says 'there's always room for improvement'.  I think it's genetics, but more yoga and lots of fruits and vegetables won't kill me!

I'm sure living in this crazy stressful time isn't helping at all.

This week has been a cloudy one, good grief.  I'm yearning for a batch of sunny days in a row only to wake up and see the dismal forecast.  Right now it's raining again.  At least more flowers will be blooming shortly thereafter.  Warmer days are coming, one day I'll wake up and it'll be a heatwave jumping over the comfortable temperatures.

This weekend I'll be doing a deep dive into my stash to start looking for future holiday gifts to knit.  There are a few people in my family that I always knit for and once my current projects are finished I'd like to start chipping away the 'to knit' list.

The cross stitch project below was started in 2009 ish.  Maybe.  Let's say give or take 3 years.  I was making it for my son.  Now that I have resurrected an old hobby I am focusing on stitching a little bit each day.  Cross stitching reminds me of my mother who would sit on her front porch in the summer months making little pictures.

I used to cross stitch exclusively when I first married my husband.  Shortly thereafter I was knitting and crocheting as well.  I also dabbled in quilting but that wasn't my 'thing'.  How lucky am I to have a plethora of projects at my fingertips right in my very own home!


  1. Rainy here too. But, I have to say your MOOSE mug gave me a bit of brightness. That is so cute.

  2. I've also been bemoaning all the rain, but then I remember my grandmother saying "April showers bring May flowers". I think even dandelions are bright and cheerful!

  3. Sunshine here still but rain is forecast for Sunday. I have started thinking about gifts for the holidays too and seeing what supplies I already have so that I can make a start. Stay safe Karen.

  4. It is rather hard to keep our spirits up and stay productive at this time. Glad you are making healthy lifestyle changes. It never hurts to try and eat better and exercise more. Have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  5. Happy Birthday to your Daughter!!!

    Lovely buds!!!

    Stress is the worst possible thing. And this Miserable COVID-19 has provided all of us, with a brand new source of Stress!!!!! One more thing, to thank The Totalitarian Gov. of China, for!!!!!

    You have lovely countryside, around you though. Which has to be so helpful.

    Ahhhh, a wee little Dandelion, which is blooming, and making the bees happy! They really need Dandelions, in early Spring!!!! Later, when more flowers are in bloom, they don't need them as much. And then, people can pull 'em up, if they have to. >,-)

    We have to open soon!

  6. Birthdays at this time are hard aren't they. My daughter has a birthday in a few weeks when we are still likely to be locked down unable to see other folks, she is not looking forward to it.

    I too am glad for the all the projects I can get on with at home. I found a free stitching tutorial online today which I am going to have a go at next week ;)

    One thing that has been amazing is the weather, I think maybe we have pinched all the sunshine. We haven't had any rain for five weeks which is unbelievable for my part of the world, it rained every single day in the Winter (or at least it felt like that).

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I am finally looking at sunshine here, but it is cold. I love the cross-stitch project and the pretty knitting. Stay safe.

  8. The grey days this week were indeed unwelcome. However, the sun is out today and I will take it! (Happy birthday to your daughter!)

  9. Hope you get some sunshine soon! I've noticed several of the knitting bloggers I follow have started cross stitching recently. I'm dying to pick it back up too but I have SO many knitting projects I want to complete, not to mention a huge pile of yarn I want to knit up and I know if I stitch one little X, I'll go off on a tangent and do nothing but cross stitch for the next 6 months. Plus, I need new glasses and can hardly see these days. I don't want to add the frustration of trying to stitch while blind to my life right now. LOL But then, I do at least need to stitch a birth sampler for the new granddaughter. Hmmm.....

  10. It is a tough time with missed birthdays, holidays and so much stress. I am like you, trying to eat right and get some rest which is not an easy thing for me to do. I tend to push myself to get everything done. Wishing you a peaceful and healthy week.

  11. That's a fun cross stitch set! I love the image your sentence, "Cross stitching reminds me of my mother who would sit on her front porch in the summer months making little pictures." created in my little brain. I haven't been knitting for these past, few days. I'm debating on whether to try some today &/or cross stitch.

  12. the gray days are here too! I caved. I went out in the Drizzle and cold and planted my clover in the woods. I've been prepping the woods for 6 weeks now. I love that you are resurrecting cross stitch and it is happy for you ! I may not get out of bed if it is crappy out again tomorrow.

  13. Well out here in Nebraska we had some sunny days. On Friday a gentle rain fell and honestly we needed the rain. The dandelions popped up early last week and for once I was glad to see their cheerful yellow blooms. Your projects look lovely. My Mom also loved to cross stitch so reading about yours reminded me of that memory. Hope the week ahead is a good one. I too need to cut out the carbs and stick to fruits and veggies.

  14. I love the cross stitch project you are working on. That is something I really wish I could learn to do. I'm just not confident enough yet. I may try and start with a small piece. Enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Hope you have a pretty week to enjoy!


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