How was your weekend?  Mine was mostly cloudy but I managed to only document the blue skies.  Focusing on the positive is my mantra these days.  That innocent face of Frodo is a deceptive face, he killed a baby garter snake yesterday.  This was a first and we didn't see him do it...  Usually he barks at them to tell us they're in the yard. 

We walked Saturday and Sunday getting our daily fresh air and enjoying the signs of spring.  On Saturday afternoon I painted Easter cards for  my family and had fun creating at the kitchen table.

Of course we pulled out the grill for some hamburgers and french fries.  Look at that green sheen in the background!

Sadly, I am running out of burnt orange yarn for my yoke sweater that is NOT photographed.  Just imagine me being a little disgruntled.  I will probably steal yarn from the ribbing of the body of the sweater to get the sleeves as long as they should be and I'm guessing all the ribbing of the sleeves and body of the sweater will be from the yoke color work.  I don't want to order another skein.

My citron is growing and I do see the color changing.  This photo doesn't show it well but in real life it's a subtle change.

How was your weekend?


  1. Spent quietly enjoying technology keeping the family together, writing poetry and creating pages in the journal I am keeping them in. Strange times that are becoming normal. Stay safe.

  2. My weekend wasn't much different from the preceding week, or really this week but it is definitely getting to be spring out there. Time for long daily walks to observe all the changes!

  3. Minus the painting ---- just about the same. But, it was ribs on the grill instead of hamburgers.

  4. Oh boo on the yarn! (although, maybe all the yoke colors would make a lovely stripey ribbing??)

  5. Love that picture of you and your hubby - such a good shot! I walked on Sunday (Saturday felt too raw and windy for me) and it was good to get out except for the snake (I need Frodo to go with me to keep me protected!!). Did some purging. More of that to be done for sure.

  6. I feel for Frodo. He is only doing, what is in his nature. Really. Do hope he wasn't admonished for it. -sigh-

    BBQ! Hooray!

    Hope you can figure out a solution to your knitting issue. -smile-

    Another cute picture of you two.

    Stay calm

  7. Our weekend was good. Fireman got a good ride in without any riflemen. Ah Hem. I met our pal Larry for fishing in a creek that was nearly void of people for Most of the time. Im missing baseball . Isn't that silly Love your couple photos!!
    Today with no intention of more yard work, that s what we did. I lit a big fire and was able to pour the ashes on the weed bed between our yard and theirs. I plan to put a big bunch of cosmos there as soon as last frost!

  8. A good weekend. Saturday evening our church had another "Carillon in the Car" concert from the bell tower. The last piece played was "There is a Balm in Gilead" which is a lovely way to head into this week. I knit while we listened and the pastor walked by - over six feet from the car windows and greeted everyone.

  9. Sorry to hear that you are running out of your orange yarn, what a pain. I do hope you can work out a fix for that.

    I love your Easter cards, I hope they are well received. How lovely that you were able to get the BBQ out and we are loving the slow arrival of the green haze of spring.

  10. Oh no! So sorry about the yarn shortage. It's so frustrating when that happens. Otherwise, it sounds like you had a nice weekend. Great Easter cards, btw. Love the flowers.


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