Springtime Memories

Usually I write about how the month May reminds me of my grandmother and her garden.  I've written about her many times during this month and decided to expand my memories and write about other memories.

I grew up going to Catholic schools and May was THE month when we all knew the school year was ending.  On warm days during high school,  the teachers would open the windows and I would struggle to focus on the lessons because my eyes would wonder to the windows and my mind would follow willingly to wishful thinking of being outdoors.

Ordinarily I disliked gym class but in May we would play softball (outside!) and I would eagerly get into my gym uniform quickly so I could be outside as much as possible.  Every single class we attended, we would beg our teachers to have our class outside.  They nearly always said 'no' but I remember once a teacher said 'yes' much to our amazement.

In Biology High School class we were allowed to walk the grounds looking for native plants to place in a homemade notebook.  We would linger outside as much as possible to absorb the sunshine moments.

When I was thirteen years old, I read The Diary of Anne Frank and was inspired to write in a diary.  I would go outside our backyard and sit under a cherry tree with my notebook and pen.  I also remember lamenting that I had nothing to write about since my life was so boring.  I must have wrote about boys and school and daydreams.

Both of my adult children were born in the spring.  My daughter in April and my son in May.  I'd plan their birthday parties and hoped for good weather.  I remember lots of outside parties with giggles and running around. One birthday my son had a wade pool set up as well as squirt guns for everyone in their gift bags.  My daughter had a treasure hunt outside all over our huge property that took quite a long time to finish.

My son did one year of tee ball.  The season started in mid March with winter coats and ended with tee shirts and shorts under a blazing hot sun in mid June.  He stood out in right field kicking at the dandelions instead of playing ball.

In May we would visit with my husband's family in Canada with the kids usually over Memorial weekend since there was an extra day off from school and work.  Sometimes we stopped at Niagara Falls wearing wishful summer clothing only to be frozen by the fall's spray mist.  The kids loved getting drenched!

How about you?  Do you have May memories?


  1. Such lovely May memories and photos! I clearly remember that feeling of sitting in class and achingly wanting to be outside, with the scent of the blooming trees wafting in through the open windows, and bees buzzing loudly. It's a wonder we could concentrate at all! Justin was born in May so that is my best May memory.

  2. Such pretty photos and lovely memories. I, too, remember sitting in class and daydreaming of being outside. In younger years (grade school) I remember recess and playing under mulberry trees (and getting those stains ALL over), and of course May Day and dancing around the maypole - I loved that!!

  3. Pretty photos. I'm loving all the flowering trees.

  4. You memories are so sweet. I remember leaving May baskets is wild flowers on the doorsteps of our elderly neighbors. I would ring the doorbell and then run before they answered the door. I also remember May as being the last month of school. How hard it was to concentrate when a trip to grandma's farm was going to happen as soon as school was out. Memorial day gatherings always ended the month. We would attend a parade and then enjoy barbequed burgers and hot dogs and have our first watermelon of the year.

  5. I am happy for your lovely May Memories.

    Ours are not so happy.... But since time heals all, it is ok now. -smile- Our second child, a daughter, was born in May. She died 1 1/2 days after birth. Way back then, mothers stayed in hospital for days, before let come home. After she died, I was moved from the Maternity Ward... To a horribly depressing room, by myself. -sigh-

    Worse, was my poor husband, who had to open our pharmacy every day, and face all the people, trying to comfort him. -shakes head at the memory-

    Our Dear Dear Family Doctor who delivered my babies, was up north, re-burying his father, who had died in winter... the day she died, and I was moved room. But before he went home, after the re-burial... He came to see me.

    I loved him dearly before. And that day, and all the days after, I loved him so much more. What a wonderful, comforting thing, to do...

    When I was discharged from the hospital, I remember walking out, determined to enter again, and bring home another baby!!!!! And I did. Twice more. So we had our first daughter, and 2 sons.

    It was not easy, for a long time. I was crushed and in bed. But harder, for my poor husband, who had to open the pharmacy every day... And who had to handle all the burial things. My mother came over to take care of our 3 year old daughter.

    -sigh- I probably should not have done this comment!!!!!!! It sounds sad, and it was then. But over time, all is smoothed out. Really!!!! We still remember, but not, not, not with pain. -smile-

    Gentle hugs,

    1. I am glad that the passage of time eased your pain and I thank you for sharing your memories!

  6. Fun memories and beautiful photos! Dogwood flowers are one of my favorites. What is the bright pink flower? (not the trees) We have some of those and see them on our walks, but I can't remember what they are called. Have a nice weekend!

  7. Growing up, May was birthday month in my family....my mom, an aunt, an uncle and a few cousins. Of course there was Mother's day in there too. When my children were small, May was the month that we took a long weekend at Memorial day and made trips to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. I love the flower photos.

  8. Beautiful May memories! My son has a birthday in may (and I grew up in Holland Michigan where Tulip were blooming in May (as was the Tulip Time Festival!!)

  9. Wonderful May memories. Thank you for sharing. May is usually busy at the schools with end-of-the-year events. Our SF school used to end by end of May. PTA would be busy with field trips, parties, and graduation.

  10. It's so funny because I just did 2 separate posts about my grandma and catholic schools. I guess we are on the same wavelength. I love all your photos. Spring blossoms are my favorite.

  11. Your memories are lovely. I remember hardly being able to think in a warm school room and beautiful skies outside. i could not wait for school to be over. Happy Mother's Day, stay safe.

  12. What a lovely post, Karen! Having lived in Georgia for 41 years, I think of May as the beginning of summer. College is out the first week of May and the rest of school ends before Memorial Day. Two very special May memories include visits to Europe with my daughters (first in 2009 and again in 2014) to celebrate their college graduations.

  13. Such pretty photos. I remember delivering May baskets of popcorn and candy, usually M and M's , gum drops, and corn candy to our friends. We made the little baskets in various ways, set them on the porch carefully, then rang the doorbell and ran so as not to be caught and kissed. May also reminds me of being in my grandparents yard when all the lilacs bloomed. My granddad used to pick a large bouquet and bring it into the house to my grandmother.

  14. May was just agony for me. I did not like school. I took everything in me to FINISH each year. I found I could complete my assignments fast and with good grades. School was something I endured, I never liked it until high school. May was for field trips and last minute projects . It was for waiting and waiting for it to be OVER. I love your photos. I love that you got to have some classes outside and you enjoyed it!!! May meant, the month of Mary at school. Now , I love May. Even today, when it SNOWED on Mothers day here!

  15. How lovely to have so many wonderful memories tied up in the same month. May has been a month of more recent memories for me. It is the month I started a job back in the early 90s which took me in a completely different direction work wise, it is also the month I started my most recent employment (now ceased) which I loved, my first office based job! I returned to work after my first child in May and went on maternity leave with my second also in May never to return, the end of my paid working life. Weirdly all these memories are in the same week!


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