How was your weekend?  If you're in the USA you are still weekending since it's Memorial Day.  My weekend was good overall and continuing.

Our walk was the first walk in the morning because of how warm it gets during the day.  Isn't that a wonderful progression as we head towards summer?  The little bugs are so horrible this year so we spray our hat brims with deterrent and that seems to work.

I sat and cross stitched all day on Saturday and finished the piece!  Sadly there was a big hiccup with the picture.  On Sunday morning, I gave it a quick swish in cold water then smoothed it out to dry and when I looked at in a mere three hours later, the red floss BLED into the white cloth (insert a very very sad face).  I will blame it all on this project being from a kit and an unknown floss brand.

I went through all the emotions: sadness, grief and anger.  I woke up with acceptance.  Since I discovered the bleeding, I swilled it in laundry detergent and soaked in lots and lots of Oxiclean.  This morning it has faded a bit.  Enough so that I think it will be 'okay' after I rinse it a couple of more times.  I'm going to set the dye before laying it out to dry, to avoid any other bleeding. 

Yesterday morning we had our first salamander of the pool season!  Isn't he/she a cutie?

I made another batch of blueberry muffins, we have burned out on the banana bread for now.

My knitting continues to grow, both with the sweater that is in the above photo and with the shawl that is not in any photo.

this is the slightly improved faded version
How was your weekend?


  1. Oh know that sadness! I had that happen on a quilt. Cute salamander.

  2. Bleeding is the worst! I have a beautiful duvet cover that was white with a red toile pattern that I decided to wash when we moved. I followed the care instructions and was horrified to see that the red dye had totally bled all over the cover. I tried washing it a few more times using oxyclean but it didn't get any better. It was such a beautiful duvet, but oh well...

    Our weekend has been quiet, I am introverted by nature but this quarantine is beginning to wear me down!

  3. I hope you can get the sampler fixed up to your liking. It is so pretty and you finished it quite quickly. The salamander is so tiny. Do they eat bugs? We have little sand geckos around here and they eat lots of bugs. I love bug eating creatures. Those blueberry muffins look very appetizing. My bananas are just about ready to be made into bread. I give it to my son's family. Hubby and I do not need it lol. I just enjoy the baking process.

    My weekend has been very nice. Today will be quiet. Yesterday we were at our son's home and were outside all day to keep physical distancing. With the heat, I was wiped out by 9pm. So today will be a rest and recoup day.

  4. Hate that about the sampler...drat that red. It looks like you might have been able to save it, though...phew.
    Good tip about spraying just the hat brims...i'm thinking our mosquitoes are growing big enough to saddle and ride this year. Hate to have to 'wear' eau d'insect cologne all day long! Enjoy your extended weekend!!! (Hi, Frodo!!! You must meet Shira one of these days!)

  5. Ahhhh, the bugs of spring! And summer! And autumn! >,-)

    Oh so sorry about the dye bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -sighhhhhhhhhh- But glad you are making it better.

    No critters yet, in the pool skimmer, as far as I know. -smile- Plus, not much human action. It is still toooooooo coooooold. Even the 10 year old "Part Fish" can't stay in long. -smile-

    Your pup looks like you felt, when the yarn dye ran~~~~~


  6. What a sweet pup!...Your cross stitch is so pretty...sorry it bled like that...that's frustrating for sure...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. So sorry about the thread bleeding after all your hard work. I hope it continues to get better with some more soaking. Enjoy your day.

  8. I am so sorry to read that your floss bled. That is so disappointing after you did so much work.

    Our weekend was busy, but a good kind of busy.

  9. Oh I am so so sorry that the red bled. So upsetting. Your work is so lovely. Maybe someone can help you with how to get it back to white. Ugh!

  10. Hi - I love the counted cross-stitch. The floss bleeding is so frustrating, but it still looks good. That little salamander is so cute. We used to get baby lizards in our pool in Arizona. Sometimes they drown before we could get them out of the water. Always sad. Hope you have a good week. See you again soon!

  11. What a shame I feel your pain!!!! Hopefully all is not lost and you will be able to make it work. Loved the photo of Frodo.

  12. Sorry about the floss bleeding! That is why I never wash my cross stitch!! Our weekend was good. We got to see our son and his fiance and actually spent time with them! cute little salamander!

  13. I'm glad you finished your cross-stitch, but am sorry about the bleeding! It does look better after your soaking and I hope it continues to improve. Enjoy those delicious-looking blueberry muffins!

  14. That cross stitch is gorgeous, but darn that red thread! I am craving blueberry muffins as well! :)

  15. Your stitching is so meticulous. Having that red floss bleed is a heartbreak for sure. I hope it continues to improve. The muffins look delicious and I imagine they call for a cup of coffee or tea. The perfect morning snack.

  16. Ah nuts, sorry there's bleeding. Hope the Oxiclean helps further. What a neat looking salamander. At my parents house they're just an ugly, dark brown. I haven't tried muffins in a long time. Whenever I made them, they always stuck to the paper liners. I'm taking a break from baking today since it's another hot day but maybe tomorrow I'll try a new, chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  17. Oh what a pain that your thread bled, I do hope that you can find a way to reduce the staining, I feel for you after all that work. We had a 'holiday' here too on Monday ours was a bank holiday. I love your wee Salamander.

  18. Oh no! Im so sorry the thread ran. Have you tried that laundry detergent that's made to "catch" the bleeding. Don't know if it would work now or not.
    Love the salamander, he's adorable! We have blue skinks everywhere.


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