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The boulder wall construction has begun!  The landscaper guys arrived on Wednesday and ripped out the old railroad tie retaining wall.  The plan is to move the wall away from the pool to the edge of the property before it slopes down the steep hill.  This will give my husband more area to move the riding lawn tractor around.  Also maybe just maybe the boulder wall will stop the earth from going away from the pool.  That is the plan.

Yesterday they were dumping boulders which sounded like thunder to Frodo so I had to console him.  Lots of love and patience.

Our zucchini plant is taking over the bed!  So far all of the plants are surviving and no one has nibbled on anything...yet.  Our gardening tends to be lax in that if a critter wants to nibble, we let them nibble.  It's much easier to not fight Mother Nature.

My creative process has been ebbing on the low side these past few days. I am down to two knitting projects in my knitting bag and want to finish them before I start something new.  Everyday I look at my art supplies and think I should be drawing or painting something, anything.

I try my best to not pressure myself.  I know that eventually I will be sketching all the time and then wish I was knitting more.  So what have I been doing in my free time you ask?  I've been devouring books.  It's been refreshing to get lost in books these past few weeks.  For quite a while I was reading minimally (for no reason).  Now I want to read by the pool while I toss Frodo his frisbee all the time.  

I pulled out colored pencils earlier this past week and worked on my sketching.  When I flip through my watercolor sketchbook I am quite pleased with my progress over the past year.  That gives me hope that my colored pencil skills can also improve with practice and time.

I love flipping through my old notebooks, photos, journals, planners and sketchbooks that capture what I was thinking or doing at that time.  I wish my mom would have kept a diary so I could delve into what made up her moments.  I've saved some slips of paper with her handwriting. 

I might not be creating much but I am bottling up lots of ideas of what to create.  Planning future projects creates motivation to create.  Right?


  1. How long before the wall is completed? I look forward to seeing it when done. Poor Frodo......loud noises can be so terrifying to our pets.

    Your pencil sketching looks lovely. I am impressed with the shading you have worked into it.

    Only 2 knitting projects to finish? That's great. I have 4 on the go. 3 are too hot and heavy to work on in the summer though. Can't wait to see what will grace your needles next.

    1. I think they think by Wednesday, I say Thursday!

  2. This wall looks interesting and I look forward to seeing it when it's completed. (I always think bulldozers look like they would be fun to operate!) And there is nothing wrong with reading by the pool and planning!

  3. I love your yard and your sketches. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I try not to get too upset when critters eat something from our garden, but I have to confess that when I went to clip kale the other day and it was all gone, I was a bit miffed ;)

    Reading by the pool (when they're not working on the wall!) sounds heavenly!!

  5. I am chuckling at your nibbling animal comment... here, they'd eat everything down to the dirt! I have lost some lily plants to the deer and all the tulips. I have learned to plant "deer resistant" plants in my perennial gardens. And I keep my food garden under lock and key! lol

  6. Oh I hope the pool plans are going to work out great. Frodo is not alone. Beatles has been quite upset lately with all the fireworks, critters howling and screaming outside at night. He got so upset we had to start him on prozac again. He is much much better now and relaxing again. Aren't we funny humans? Doing one thing and thinking about the other all the time?

  7. Absolutely, thinking and planning and dreaming are part of the creative process. I hope your landscaping project goes well. Reading by the pool sounds like a perfect summer activity to me. Have a nice weekend.

  8. Your rock wall is going to be fabulous. I love rocks. I think that is why I love my house so much ----built of rocks. LOL

    I could sit and stare at a rock wall all day.

  9. Your art is lovely and interesting. I can/do relate to wishing vs doing... sometimes it’s just easier to let the moments take over. Enjoy your weekend and all the choices it brings.

  10. I am encourage that maybe I should start sketching with my colored pencils again. I need to find some videos to help. I was reading a great deal for quite a while until I decided to just wait for one of the books that I want to read to become available. I was getting a lot of cross-stitch done instead. the book was just delivered to my Kindle so I will be reading again. I hope those massive boulders solve the pool problem. I bet Frodo is enjoying all that Frisbee play.

  11. Poor Frodo! Those are some big boulders! I'm sure you will all be happy when that project is completed. I'm sure it's a bit distracting to your creativity.

  12. I think time to thing and contemplate between projects is important, well it is to me! I am not one for rushing into things, I let them sit with me and then I enjoy them all the more. Free time? What is that! I don't seem to have much of that at all. If I did I would love to be sowing more as it is a time consuming activity for me as I am slow, I often get frustrated that I need to stop to do something else and haven't quite got to the point I wanted too!

    I do hope the landscaping works, and that Frodo is not too traumatised by all the noise.

  13. I think it is lovely you can have time to do what you want, read or knit, it doesn't matter if it gives you peace. The boulders are going to look wonderful. Stay safe.

  14. Such creativity. I like the raspberry sketch. The epitome of Summer. Good luck with your new yard addition. It sounds like it's going to be lovely.

  15. This new boulder wall sounds awesome. Can't wait to see more of it.


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