The Happy List

Isn't Holly so cute the way she stuffs herself into the top of the tower?  She is one happy cat.  How are you?  We are in the midst of a heat wave and phew! It's hot and humid.  Yesterday seemed a little less intense but I can tell how my hair goes everywhere on how humid the days are.  

As quickly as the landscapers came and disrupted the silence, they have been gone for over a week, our seeded grass is growing and life goes on.  They might have to come back and re-seed in certain places because the downpours go running into the woods taking some of the straw with it.

By now the cicadas and locusts should be making their symphony appearance,  each day I listen wondering where they are.  Same with the tree frogs!  They should me adding to the music.

I've been reading Michelle Obama's autobiography, Becoming.  We are around the same age and I'm enjoying her thought processes on motherhood and juggling work.  I am over half way through the book on the brink of his presidency.  It's a good book if you haven't read it yet.

I haven't done a happy list for a while now so here it goes:

-early mornings with the cat and coffee and my myriad of thoughts
-cheerios every single day
-putting my feet in the pool with my husband talking about nothing
-phone calls from the kids
-no cooking days

-sitting and creating with paints or pencils
-all the knitting!
-yarn deliveries
-blueberry muffins -  homemade
-crossing off a to do list
-the kindness of others 
-new adjustable dumbbell set 
-Frodo putting his splash ball in the pool every single morning
-Frodo finding the frogs and toads in the pool every single morning

wedding shawl yarn

-Ravelry and the rabbit holes I fall into looking at pattern or projects made
-on line libraries AND curbside pickup real libraries --  THANK YOU!
-finding sanitizing wipes to purchase
-my quiet neighborhood
-watching Hamilton
-anticipating his retirement with a count down (five more weeks)
-new planner to set up
-all of you readers who come and visit and sometimes comment

What would make your happy list?


  1. Holly is adorable and your yarn for the wedding shawl is gorgeous. What fun. This crazy, stupid heat and humidity is not making me happy. But, I can see now looking out my window the breeze is picking up with the storm coming. That makes me happy! And the weekend!!

  2. What a lovely list you've made! My list would include many of the same items, with calls from my kids and yarn deliveries right at the top!

  3. Pretty yarn! Yesterday my grandson taught me how to draw a shell. It was so fun and made me very happy. He would draw a line and then wait for me to follow. Happy, happy, happy.

  4. I love that foggy morning many of the same things on our happy lists, but I've tried real hard to refrain from yarn ordering...still working relentlessly from the ever dwindling stash of good yarn (vs the stash of yarn that is there but will probably never ever be know...all those partial skeins?!@?of lace wt??) Of course, I don't have grandbaby or wedding things to look forward to!!
    I just love the glimpses of your watercolors...such a talent.
    Have a great day...and stay happy and healthy!

  5. Cheerios are definitely on my happy list. I have them most mornings. Today it was with the most perfect peach. Happiness in a bowl for sure.

    June 30th marked 4 YEARS since Steve retired. It just does NOT seem possible.

  6. Our new a/c.
    Finding a fridge that can be delivered only 10 days after ours died, rather than in August.
    Evenings in the park.
    Waking up to Corey trilling so we could kill the bug he brought to play with on the bed before it got under the covers with us.
    Always having new things to learn at my job.

  7. OMG that photo of Holly is perfect! I have a lot of the same things on my happy list, but at the top is that no one in my family has gotten sick. I am thankful and happy for that every day.

  8. I laughed at that picture of Holly! Too cute!

    My happy list would include the un-quiet mornings full of birdsong!

  9. I made a shawl from Shibui's Lunar and it's a lovely yarn to work with. You're going to enjoy it.

  10. Our cats have the exact same little cubby house...I have Becoming in my queue...glad to know that you think it's good...and your wedding shawl yarn looks beautiful...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. I listened to Becoming as it is read by Michelle Obama and I really loved to hear her story in her voice. She is an amazing woman who continues to have an amazing journey in life. Enjoy.

  12. Your happy list just made me smile. My mom had Becoming and I am looking forward to reading it soon. Isn't it wonderful how many smiles pets can give you each day.

  13. Much the same as yours but no cheerios thank you. Loving the wedding shawl yarn, exciting times.

  14. What a wonderful list Karen, so many things to be happy about. Friends would make it to the top of my list this week, they have been there for me during a difficult week.

  15. I should start doing a happy list. Love yours :-).

  16. your list makes me happy, too! porch time with my sister and an early morning FaceTime with Sara are making me happy this weekend.

  17. Great list! That wedding shawl yarn is Gorgeous! We have tree frogs in abundance but still no cicadas. The lack of cicadas is very strange because this was supposed to be a bad year for them. Maybe they are staying underground, hiding from covid. :) Happy knitting!

  18. Frogs and toads in the pool? They don't contaminate the water? What fun Frodo must have to see them. LOL, Holly, tabby queen of her tower.

  19. What a wonderful list of happiness. I love the foggy morning? photo. My happiness list contains 73 degree mornings for walking, sunflowers in a yard I walk by, fresh basil from my garden, Face Time with the kids and grands, knitting, talking on the phone with my sister. Flowers from my daughter on her 40th birthday. So sweet. The wedding shawl yarn looks like it will be scrumptious.

  20. Holly is so pretty. Sounds like Frodo has a lot of fun, it's good that the fireworks didn't bother him. I like your list. Your foggy morning photo is beautiful, full of atmosphere.

  21. Naomi

    I have been following your blog for a while but I have never commented. I have to say that I was thrilled that you mentioned State College in your blog a while ago and that brings back so many memories of my years at Penn State. I am a PA girl, born and raised on a dairy farm up near Scranton. 39 years ago I married a man who dragged me to Wyoming and that is where I call home. I am such a reader and I have missed libraries too. And sort of dressing up to go to church and movies. Crazy times. Anyway I love your blog. I too am a gardener and a knitter. I''m a quilter too.

    1. Naomi! Thank you for commenting and it's nice to meet you. It's nice to hear from a fellow PA person. I think it would be exciting to live in Wyoming! Do you have a blog?


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