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Are you enjoying this fall-like weather?  I have been in heaven.  I even changed the bed comforter to the fall/winter one.  The pool will be closing this week and I cannot get enough of the fall foliage that is emerging.  Thank goodness for Autumn!

This past week was a little busy.  After many months of staying at home we were out for the first time in six months to a neighboring city to look for a dress for me to wear to my son's wedding in January.  I tried on five, liked two and picked one.  See - simple.  

I honestly do not want to go store-to-store scouring the selections which is what I would have done before the pandemic.  I also didn't want to order online.  All I need are a pair of shoes and that can wait for a few weeks for now.

On Saturday I drastically cut added sugar in my diet.  I gave up desserts which was easy after one day but I have been chipping away at the sugar I put in my morning coffee.  I have successfully eliminated 50% and am now trying to cut another 25%.  I'll let you know how it goes.  

I feel really crummy when I have desserts anymore and last Saturday was my epiphany day.  Egads! Isn't it weird that I am less hungry now?  Convenient!  I guess sugar makes you hungrier?

If you look closely at my socks, I accidentally pulled out the wrong needle for the photo and had to squirrel back on 16 stitches, haste makes waste!  If I finish these and I will soon, I want to work on my sister's featherweight cardigan and also dig through my deep yarn stash for some blue yarn.  My nephew is having a boy!  

My son in law's sister is also having a baby but I'm waiting for more details before I cast on a project.  

After a two hour wait for him to see the eye doctor, I am happy to tell you his eye is a highly irritated eye.  No corneal scratch nor infection.  So he is ordered to not wear contacts for two weeks and add moisturizing eye drops.  We were relieved it was nothing worse than that.

How was your week?  


  1. I like your approach to shopping! I don't much like the process anyway, but especially not now. My week has been a busy one but I've gotten some things accomplished, and feel much better with cooler temps. It's amazing how the arrival of fall has improved my outlook! :-)

  2. Congrats on cutting back the sugar. I SO need to do that. I find that if I have one thing sweet, I really crave more. You are right. If you can get through the first bit it becomes easy to turn it down after that. Well, maybe not easy, but definitely EASIER.

    I am LOVING this weather. Mr. G. loves having the windows open. He lays on the sill and sniffs all there is to smell from the outside. Last night I could hear a fox.

    So glad to read that your hubby's eye problem is easily solved. All issues should be so easy, right?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. Mr. Giroux says to Holly, stop over ANYTIME! I'm always home.

  3. Thrilled your hubby's eye was nothing too serious, it must be a big relief to you both. I am smiling how easy it was to find a dress for your sons this pandemic as changed our thinking! Loving those socks Karen, they are a delight.

  4. Oh so glad to hear the news about your husband's eye! What a relief. And you alrady got a dress for your son's wedding!! I agree with your shopping tactics. I've pulled out the wrong needle on a pair of socks was a mess for me to try to pick up the stitches - lol. But...I did it! I'm loving the Fall temps. So nice!

  5. Good news on your hubby's eye. Congrats on the reduction of sugar. I have noticed when I eat sweets I want more and more. We have gotten to the point desserts are few and far between here. My waistline is thanking me too. We are substituting fruit for processed sweets.

  6. So glad fall has arrived for you, enjoy it! Glad you found a dress quickly and easily too. Definitely good news on your hubby's eye. Good luck with giving up the sugar. Have a fantastic weekend :)

  7. So glad you found a dress! and I'm sure the shoes will be easy (you can even order online - free shipping and free returns is my favorite way to shop!). I think my week was way more peaceful than yours ... glad the husband's eye is going to be fine. I did start a sock on size 1 needles, and I'm about 1/3 done with the foot on sock #1. yikes!!! I'd forgotten just how tiny those stitches are :-) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  8. Yes, the cool weather is nice. We've even switched to flannel sheets.
    That's good news about the eye!
    I have never like shopping for hours. I like to go to one store, find the thing I want, and then be done. Of course, it isn't always that easy. These days, I order the few clothes I buy from Gudrun Sjoden, a Swedish designer. I LOVE her clothes. They are both cute and comfortable. And expensive. I only buy when she's holding sales. As a teacher, I can't justify expensive clothes!

  9. When shopping for my dress for my daughter's wedding last year, I went to one fancy evening/bridal shop and then Lord & Taylor at Christmas. My daughter chose the dress I eventually bought that just needed shortening. How I will miss that department store. So glad you found a dress easily. Fall is arriving here this evening. It is definitely cooler. I need to follow your lead and cut down on sugar. I have gained weight with all the baking I've been doing and I know that the amount of sugar that I have been putting my my coffee and tea has been increasing.

  10. What a lovely post, Karen! I am loving the cooler weather as well. The socks look great! I’m happy to read that your husband’s eye issue wasn’t more serious. Have a great weekend!

  11. The socks look great even though you had to take time to scoop up stitches. It happens to the best of us. So thankful your husband's eye irritation isn't anything serious. It's always good to check. And the sugar - yes I think there is research that shows biologically it makes us crave even more.

  12. Good news about hubby's eye! I'm loving the cooler weather and changing leaves too. This morning my back lawn is littered with it's first flurry of fallen leaves. I was so excited I rushed out and took a picture :)

    We are not allowed to try on clothes in the stores here in the UK - it kind of just makes clothing shopping less appealing for me.

    How interesteing about the sugar and appetite! I think I may give that a try this week.

  13. I am glad the eye situation is fine. Eyes injuries can be tough. Having a good eye doctor is so important. My cousin just went blind due to macular degeneration. We cannot believe it actually. . 57 years old.

  14. That is my kind of shopping! I felt so much better when I cut out added sugar in my diet, I eat it so so rarely now and feel so much better for it. It gives me a terrible headache if I eat it now.....

    Your socks are looking good, I hope you managed to get those teeny tiny stitches back on the needle they are pain when you drop them or pull the wrong needle out, I have done that so many times!!

  15. Shopping when you really need something can be a pain. I'm glad your husband's eye is not as bad as you two had thought. A productive week and I finished off the collection of seven of the GBBO. I'm waiting for collection 8 to be fully in Netflix's database so I'm watching the third season of Lucifer who makes me laugh.


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