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Good morning! First knitting post of the new year - and I've been quite busy with my knitting. After a massive catching up on chores and tasks on Monday, I spent most of my Tuesday knitting which made me gloriously happy.

The above photo is a new project using the shawl kit I received as a Christmas present from a knitting friend. As always changing colors and striping sequences can be addictive. 

My other project that I decided to resume knitting is my languishing hat. I finished the four inch ribbing and started the fair isle portion of the pattern. I designed this hat many years ago and my chart has scant notes. This second time knitting it I'm trying to figure out what I did and write better notes. Thank goodness for Ravelry and the photos that are there of the previous hat!

What are you working on this week? 

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  1. I love the colors in the shawl and the hat! It's always nice to have colorful knitting during the gray days of winter.

  2. Lovely knitting! I like that hat! Those colors are just wonderful! :)

  3. Both projects are lovely! I'm doing some colorwork knitting too (socks) and enjoying it though on DPNs it is a little more time consuming than with a circular.

  4. The shawl will be so pretty. I followed the link too see it. All those stripes will be great to keep it interesting. Fair isle is on my 'wanna learn' list for this year. I so admire people that make it look effortless. The fact you designed this hat is double impressive.

  5. I really love the combo of colors on the shawl, both are beautiful. Happy knitting!

  6. Hi Karen,
    I like the colours of your shawl...I like the idea of the shawl...I'm just not much of a shawl wearer...and I love the colours of your'll have to post the pattern when you're done...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. What pattern are you using for the shawl? And are you carrying up the yarn changes as you knit? I don't really like sewing in the ends because I haven't perfected the way to do it. Any suggestions?

    1. the pattern came with the kit, Stratification. The directions call for CUTTING the yarn, i would ordinarily carry it but the yarn is DK and I think it would show much more than laceweight. I bury threads at a diagonal for about 1 1/2 inches, pull the fabric so that the bury is loose enough.

  8. Your knitting is very stripey this week! Stripes do make the knitting go faster!

  9. Both look like great projects, I love the colour combination of the hat. I am working on a crochet baby blanket and having a good sort out of the craft room cupboards, I could be awhile...


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