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I think my computer is possessed by the devil. It's been a bumpy start to doing this blog post but I believe I am over the bump. You know it's bumpy when you think you might need to buy a new computer...

How was your week? I've been doing lots and lots of reading both fiction and non-fiction. I'm enjoying the mixture of both, but I'd like to finish a book or two this weekend.

The reading list so far:

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach
Bury Me at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown (highly recommend!)
Carry Me Home by Sandra Kring
I just borrowed Tradition by Jericho Brown and hope to read it this weekend.

My knitting has been slow and easy. I've been knitting in the evenings while watching some TV programs. During the day, I've been writing my daily haikus and sketching. Also I've been doing lots and lots of journalling.  I'm writing more - I guess reflective personal essays for myself. I'm in a reflective mood I guess.

I continue to meditate twice a day and it does wonders for my mental health. I feel calm - how wonderful. 

I continue to love these wintry snowy days. My husband mentioned that he LOVES the mittens I made him and they keep his hands warm. So now I'm thinking of knitting another pair..


  1. I hope your computer cooperates, but I will say that I am thrilled with my new laptop. It does most things quickly and easily and the battery actually charges! Happy knitting; I'm considering some quick hat knitting for the weekend.

  2. Hi
    I am so happy. Beautiful your habit for reading book, knitting work. Good job. I'm

  3. I love all of your knitting projects. Those mittens you made for your husband were just great. I love all of your reading. Those books sound good. I am going to look them up and see if they need to be on my "want to read" list. I love all your journaling. I keep a written journal too and have for years. So glad your computer is working better. I am off to get my second Covid shot this morning, so will be "laying low" this weekend so see how I feel. Hopefully any side-effects won't last long. Have a good weekend.

  4. I hope you are able to get an exorcist for your computer! Have fun knitting, reading, sketching, meditating, and journaling! :)

  5. You have lovely things to fill your days. Reading, sketching, writing haiku, journaling, medicating and knitting. All fantastic ways to keep the brain active and focus on positives. Then there is Frodo and Holly to entertain and keep you company. Oh and your happy mittened husband. Hope the rest of your week is blissful.

  6. You're doing all my favorite things! In four months, I'll be able to join you in a contemplative life.
    Isn't Tara Brach amazing? I love her guided meditations and talks. She has a podcast, in case you didn't know.

  7. We took a walk in the snow yesterday for the first time in ages! The forecast is for lots more tonight; we'll see if it's right. Dee Brown's book is excellent and thought provoking; thanks for the reminder. I should read it again!

  8. Yep. When the hubby really likes what you have knit, it is time to make some more and maybe even a pair for yourself. He already gave them the test run and gave the two thumbs UP!

  9. Computer and car problems are the worst. I love you stack on notebooks and is that a kindle or an ipad cover - the floral? Enjoy your weekend

  10. I think there must be some kind of computer disease going around, mine's been charging since yesterday and keeps dropping my internet connection. If it doesn't get right, I'll definitely have to buy another one, hope yours cooperates.

    This weekend is more hat knitting for me; your plans sound marvelous. Cheers for a great weekend for all of us.

  11. That is a ringing endorsement of your mittens. Hooray. It's always nice to have one's projects appreciated. Journaling is an important part of my mental health and creative process. I always find it curious when someone finds journaling a chore but then we don't all have to enjoy the same things. The cowl is going to be beautiful.

  12. There is something so peaceful about your bags all organized!!! Frodo looks so cute. Someone has Schnauzer pups for sale near us....I cannot go see them as I will come home with TWO!

  13. There was a Windows update that played havoc with Steve's pc here... thank you Microsoft, not!

    Your journaling is so lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I really like how you've decorated your journal. I may try some journaling today. Glad you're feeling centered and at peace. Love, love Frodo.

  15. Ugh, I'm SO late in commenting! I really love Tara Brach, have you tried any of her guided meditations? They can be found on her website. They are incredibly soothing. I have Radical Acceptance but haven't started it yet (I really have to stop buying book upon book). I am currently reading Wintering by Katherine May. Have you heard of it? I know you would really like it because we are so similar in our love of winter and coziness and the need for respite. xoxo


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