The Happy List


How are you? Are you living your best life? Well, around here I'm trying my best while I navigate feeling a bit under the weather earlier this week and a myriad of things to do. My ideas and tasks are like buzzing little gnats around my face. I write down those thoughts hoping to swat away their annoyance but then more pop up. Isn't that life? Each morning I ask myself 'how present are you going to be today?'. The answers vary but I do try.

I haven't done a Happy list for awhile so here it goes:

- for May arriving tomorrow - y a y
-for apple blossoms and rhododendron blossoms and dogwood blossoms - breath-taking beautiful
-for SIMPLE dinners so I don't have to spent much time in the kitchen
-for every single belonging that we donate and get out of the house - it is freeing
-for Frodo snuggles and his complete devotion

-for Holly's antics and playing fetch with me each morning
-for morning coffee
-for notebooks and pens and watercolors
-for being okay with minimal knitting in my days
-for Stephen King, what a fabulous writer
-for vegan ice cream
-for cell phones that tie me to my kids and family
-for the resident woodpecker who is making diligent progress at removing a tree stump, he is shy so there are no photos of him, yet
-for blue skies and warm weather and for fresh air
-for the friendships I've made through this blog, thank you for reading and commenting!
-for the silent readers I know you are out there, thank you!

What would make your Happy list? 


  1. Oh, this is a lovely list Karen! My list would include wise teachers who willingly share a slice of their vast knowledge... and the AHA moments I had as they imparted their wisdom!

  2. I was happy just reading the title of your blog post :)

    A few things on my happy list: tea on the front porch, blossoms of all kinds, books, friendship, comfy clothes, yin yoga, notebooks/journals/pens, my pup, walks, birdsong

  3. I was happy just reading your post title and you've got loads of great things! I'm happy that I've decided what to make for dinner tonight (lasagna) and my day isn't packed with must-do items. I'm also happy that I finally got replacement bulbs for my knitting lamp and I'm looking forward to some enjoyable knitting tonight after a two-day hiatus. Happy Weekend, Karen!

  4. What a lovely list (and pretty photos to go along with it). My happy list includes knitting, waiting for new silk threads and overdyed flosses for my stitching, the scent of lilac in the house, green grass (though I could do without the sneezing), The Tugus!! And...a weekend upon us.

  5. A thankful list is a wonderful way to become more present each day. Your list made me smile and more aware of my surroundings this morning.

  6. What a lovely list Karen! The simple pleasures add up to a happy life :)

  7. Being very present in THIS moment ......I would say cheese! I am eating a tiny block of Asiago and it is making me very happy.

  8. Hi Karen, is good right now...still awaiting a new arrival in Okinawa...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. Hi Karen, What a lovely list. I would offer a hearty AMEN on each thing you mentioned. There is so much to bring us joy when we look closely at the wonders of our lives. Have a pleasant weekend.

  10. Your happy list is wonderful! I have had a rough week as well and have been making a point to list gratitudes each night before I fall asleep. Like you, I am so thankful for the friends I have made via blogs and Instagram! And yes to technology that keeps us close to our kids! Speaking of which, my middle daughter and son-in-law are moving in with us next week while they look for a house! I'm so happy we didn't downsize when we moved! : )

  11. What a great list. On my list buying basil and thyme for the herb garden, a new to me dairy free candy - Cocomels, yoga, finished sorting out spring clothes, sun on my back when I walk.


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