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Good morning! How are you?

It's been busy around here and yet in the evening I am relieved to sit and knit and gather my thoughts. The past few days I have not worked on the second birch leaf shawl (which is in the above photo) because I have been focusing on finishing the third and final Christmas stocking.

I am so pleased to tell you that I completed the stocking knitting and now I am faced with the dreaded duplicate stitching of a name. Sigh. I am terrible at duplicate stitch! 

I am romantically thinking of what will be my next knitting project. A pair of socks is always easy for me if they are plain, or maybe a fingering weight shawl... stay tuned. I need easy and light in these coming days.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Lovely knitting! I love that neutral shawl! (I have one in my queue as well!)

  2. That neutral Birch Leaf is beautiful, and I wish you luck with the duplicate stitching!

  3. I was hoping to finish a pair of socks but I am deep in the joy of shawl knitting right now although my progress feels slow. Hope the stocking knitting goes well.

  4. Glad you're almost finished with the stockings, good luck with the duplicate stitching. Looking forward to your next project! :)

  5. Oh Oh I say whatever floats your boat! If you have that sock yarn jumping out to be knit, go for it. If you need the slow and steady of a shawl ....then try that?

  6. I love the new version of the birch leaf shawl - such a versatile colour and it looks so very squishy!

  7. um, has anyone else commented that socks are not romantic? I think a fingering weight shawl ...

  8. I always think of socks when it comes to fingering weight. Although I do have that Joji Locatelli cowl I want to frog and to maybe knit another of her fingering cowls that has a mix of stitches. However, no more shawls for me once I finish my Free Your Fade. That lace looks amazing in your shawl; kudos to you on your patience.

  9. That new shawl will also be pretty. You do choose pretty colors. Socks or a shawl - either are lovely summer time knits.


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