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Good morning!

My knitting this week is the same as last week and the week before that. However I've finished two Christmas stockings out of three total. On Mother's Day, I duplicate stitched the names on and -oh boy- did I have a time with that. Apparently I forgot how to duplicate stitch and even though I had the names charted out in front of me I continued to misspell names.  Gracious!

I have big plans to make another birch leaf shawl as soon as this pink shawl is finished. I love how the pattern is memorized and I just pick up and go go go. Since I'm busy with other 'life' stuff (who isn't) I need simplicity in my knitting.

What have you been working on this week?


  1. Those stockings are so cute! I've never really mastered duplicate stitch...whenever I try it looks bad - LOL. Good, easy knitting can be so meditative. Glad you are enjoying the shawl knitting, it sure is gorgeous.

  2. Your stockings look great, as does your shawl. I love that color, and hope we find out what that lovely yarn at the top will be.

  3. Those stockings are gorgeous! What a treasure they will be! (and yes to knitting for calm and sanity!)

  4. Wow, the shawl looks like it has really grown. Are you doing asymmetrical or triangular? The stockings are very cute. They scream Christms.

    1. I'm doing the triangular shape and I hope I can block it width wise.

  5. I think we've ALL had those days. I once stitched my initials on a sampler wrong. MY OWN INITIALS. Thankfully, I caught it BEFORE it went to the framer.

  6. Love those stockings and that shawl is beautiful. I haven't duplicate stitched in a long while, but I am carefully charting my son and future daughter-in-law's names on a sampler. I have had to unstitch names myself. Enjoy your knitting!

  7. The stockings are great Karen and of course you know how much I love the shawl. Happy knitting!

  8. Hi Karen,'re shawl is so pretty in pink...and I love love love Christmas stockings with names on...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. I was just thinking the same thing about a shawl pattern. Sometimes it is just nice to knit without too much thinking. Duplicate stitch is tricky, at least for me. Your family will love those stockings. I cast on some mittens but am going to need another project on smaller needles with not such a tight gauge. I think a shawl will fit the bill. I I have tried three patterns with a lace weight yarn but none seem just right. Try try again.

  10. What adorable stockings! Your Birch Leaf Shawl looks gorgeous in pink :)

  11. Well your stockings are awesome. I wish I was a lace shawl knitter. This week, I am working on not crying over Zach . So I am knitting socks with some Mexican wool yarn that I got there. Makes me feel closer to him


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