Tuesday morning I received the Xray results from my tumble last Thursday (I spilled a bit of water and forgot to clean it up then WHAMO) and mostly it's a REALLY bad sprain but I managed to pull off a teeny bit of ankle bone. I was so fortunate to get an orthopedic appointment on Wednesday and the doctor ordered this lovely (not) boot for ankle stability. I am so grateful! I can now zip around without any pain whatsoever. I just need to be careful not to re-injure my ankle. 

I only have to go back to the doctor if I am not healing or having issues.  I am accident prone and feel like this could have been way worse. I'm thankful that it's an ugly boot and not a cast. Also what's really nice is that this ugly boot decreases pain and swelling. Sweet.

Now that I'm new and improved and somewhat invincible, I  resumed the Great Declutter and tackled the dining room. Sadly my husband snatched up the lawn ornament I thought we were donating. I also did most of the hall closet. We are making significant progress. We've made three donation trips, one scrap metal trip and one recycling trip. We are loading up the SUV once again.

On Wednesday after the doctor's appointment we dropped off scrap metal and I couldn't resist the mountain of metal photo. We made $9.75 - I'm sure there is more metal in our house to recycle but the car was full. 

I go from room to room and ask these questions: Do I still like this? Does this bring joy? 

The weather has been crazy hot and we did our first foot dangle in the pool. The pool is getting close to swimming weather but neither of us is brave enough yet.

As promised, I started another shawl!


  1. Decluttering is exhausting. We moved 3 year ago after 20 something years in our home and we got rid of so much. I’m not a keeper and I thought I don’t have much. Really? Who was I kidding. I donated and donated and sold and threw away so much stuff I didn’t know I had or even used good job. Hope your foot is better soon

  2. Yay for the unattractive boot. Glad your injury wasn't any worse and that you can now get around comfortably. Fashion be damned!! I need to start decluttering (again). I LOVE the color for your newest shawl.

  3. Glad you only have a boot.

    On with the decluttering!!! LOL

  4. Your poor ankle, glad the boot is helping. A bad sprain is really worse than a break, it takes longer to heal. Keep that boot on, it will help. Glad your decluttering is going well. Take care.

  5. It is amazing how those boots make you feel so much better right away. Wish they came in different colors and with a little bling on them. Congrats on your continued declutter. It is so freeing each time items leave the house. Pretty gray yarn for your shawl. Is it lace weight or fingering this time?

  6. Sure glad it isn't worse Karen, please be careful! Glad you are able to continue the decluttering. Have a nice weekend. :)

  7. I hope you heal quickly and have no more problems with the ankle. What an inspiration you are with all of your decluttering and recycling. Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. Oh I am so glad you can move and the injury won' keep you down.
    Im thinking of your shawl......an awful lot.......

  9. Oh! So sorry for the fall! God keep you. glad it is not worse! Lovely shawl!

  10. Another beautiful shawl! I love the pattern. Is all of your decluttering in anticipation of a possible move? I was bringing boxes up to the attic today and couldn’t sludge how much stuff we brought with us to the new house. I swear it multiply lies when we’re not looking!😂. I’m so glad you are booted up and feeling more mobile again, Karen!

    1. Believe, not sludge, LOL! Stupid autocorrect!

  11. Glad to hear the boot helps, I wish you a very speedy recovery !
    Sometimes I wish I had a bigger home ( I live in a one bedroom apartment ), but seeing the amount of decluttering that comes with a large house.... ;-)

  12. I hope you're not in pain and are sleeping well at night with that foot.

  13. I am glad you are in a boot and not a cast, especially as the weather warms. Take good care. This new shawl will be just as pretty as the last one.

  14. ah, The Boot! hoping it brings you healing! ...and I am loving the decluttering photos. GO YOU!


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