Hidden Blessings


Good morning! How are all of you doing? I've got lots to say so sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's begin.

This week has been busy. We continue to declutter and unearth all sorts of treasures (junk) and I wonder why oh why am I keeping this stuff. I have systematically picked a section of a room and just go through the belongings and make a big pile on the kitchen table to then put directly into our SUV. 

Earlier in the week, we donated a second car load and now we have a third load ready to donate. Slowly we are making progress. 

Yesterday I fell in the hallway on a droplet of water that I splashed and did not clean up. I sprained my ankle, at least I hope it's just that, I see the doctor this morning to confirm. I am looking forward to his humor and teasing about how it's 'just' sprained. I don't know, I guess because I have RA and joint issues, I freak out when I injure myself and want to make sure all is well. 

In case you're keeping score, I did not make it to my one year anniversary when I fell on my face and broke my nose (June 1st). It's a personal goal of mine to go more than a year without an incident. Luckily I sprained the strong ankle instead of the weak one that I always twist AND I did not fall on my face - so there are hidden blessings. 

Every time I fall, my husband gets more gray hair, ha ha. 

We've been so busy with decluttering that the knitting and the journaling have been scant. Now that the universe has given me a reason to sit and ice my foot, I'll being doing both of my favorite past times more often while I heal, can it be another hidden blessing? 

Spring is officially here, I snapped a photo of my only fern on the property as it unfurls - it's a little blurry but still beautiful to me. I am loving the early morning sunshine as the day begins, Holly the cat does as well. She sits and looks out the side window at the birds. 

I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Thanks for visiting and reading!


  1. Hope you mend soon. Nothing like a good declutter

  2. Oh, Karen! Gosh, I hope it is just a sprain! (if only I were closer to bring you some treats for your time out!) XO

  3. I hope your declutter continues without further incident! Best wishes that your ankle is just sprained, you recover soon, and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I sure hope it's just sprained Karen, and happy you have some hidden blessings too. Have a nice, relaxing, knitting and journaling weekend!

  5. Hope your ankle heals up quickly. Good time to catch up on some of those sofa "chores" ... knitting, reading, petting the animals. Have a good weekend.

  6. Gosh Karen, no more injuries. Hopefully you will heal soon. Yet, while you are heling there is a shawl and Christmas stocking just waiting for your love. Decluttering is one of the most freeing activities. We still have two more rooms to declutter but are waiting until out temps here go below 90 to do it. So, that will be around November. LOL. It is just too hot to do heavy work in this heat. 103° today. Your fern is so cool. I remember those from when we lived in PA. I loved watching them unfurl each year. Take care.

  7. Oh No!
    ...I'm so sorry you've hurt yourself...but so good that you look on the sunny side and see it as an opportunity to do some of the things you love...I had fried fiddleheads once a long long time ago...I have a dear Canadian friend...and she raved about how wonderful they were...I thought they were ok...haha...
    ~Have a lovely day...and heal well...

  8. So sorry about your fall Karen. I hope it is just a sprain and that it mends quickly. Meanwhile, enjoy your down time on the sofa!! I'm sure Frodo wlil enjoy having you sit by him for a bit.

  9. so sorry to hear about your fall and your injured ankle. Hope you heal very fast, it does give you an excuse to sit and knit!

  10. Falling is no fun. I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I have arthritis so I totally understand how easily it is to fall and get injured. Happened to me just last March (2020) when I fell while out for a walk and broke my hand. All that decluttering is inspiring me. I do have a couple of bags of things to donate so I do need to get that taken care of. Take care, my friend, slow down, relax and heal.

  11. OMGosh, I didn't know you broke your nose last year. I faintly remember the ankle incident. I hope you are comfortable and thank goodness you have knitting, books, and journaling to keep you occupied.
    The last time I fell was getting out of the shower stall. That hurt like !@#$% and I had bruised my right foot underneath which had caused it to swell.

  12. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling much better, Karen! Isn’t it amazing, seeing how much stuff we acquire through the years? I have been slowly weeding out my closet- I try on a piece of clothing and if I don’t like it (or no longer fits 😳) into the donate pile it goes.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh no. I hope ice and elevation helps your ankle mend. In the meantime thank goodness for knitting and reading. You are making good progress on the decluttering.

  14. Ouch! My sister slipped on an ice cube one of her children left on the floor ....and broke her arm in two places. Ouch! Declulttering is so good for my mind. We spent the COVID winter doing a lot of repurposing things and finding them new homes.

  15. You should definitely see a doctor. Ankles are complex and you need to make sure you are treating it right.
    Right now, my goal is to go for two weeks without a medical issue.
    Although, the sprained ankle/tendonitis has made me slow down, and I am enjoying that!


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