I have a morning routine that starts the day the best way possible for me. After pouring a cup of coffee in a favorite mug (there are many) I sit down and journal for one page, this might be about the day before or it might be about what's on my mind, it doesn't matter - I just write. Before I end my journal entry, I write what I am grateful for, usually it's the coffee in the favorite mug, the morning silence (my husband is a music listener during the day) and then always family and good health and new opportunities.

Next up comes the praying. There are lots of prayers and I have a running list of who I'm praying for on a sticky note. I continue to read Magnificat and this year I read a Saint a Day. 

I write a list of what I want to accomplish or what needs to be done in the next day or so in my weekly planner. I also try my best to squeeze in a meditation from the insight timer app (I highly recommend), I do meditate daily but morning time is best.

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In the afternoon before or after dinner, I do some art journalling. Sometimes I free write what's on my  mind or sometimes I write a poem or quote. I tend to pre-decorate 4-6 pages at a time when I pull out the art supplies. Sadly I dropped sketching daily because of the move. I'm sure in the next few weeks I might need to drop a few more crafting endeavors temporarily. I know it's temporary and I'll pick it right back up again because I enjoy it so much.

Also before bed, I write anything I remember for the next day to do. This avoids waking up at 3 a.m. and thinking 'oh I need to add _______ to the list'.  Yup, I do this a lot and it's annoying. 

Do you have routines in the morning or at other parts of the day? What do you prioritize?

In a previous post, Kathy B asked which shawl was easier - the birch leaf shawl or the moon river shawl.
I'd say the moon river shawl is easier and faster because it is fingering weight and there is plenty of stockinette rows to sail through.


  1. Routines are the best... it frees the mind and body to be "in the moment"!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've enjoyed reading about your day. Sounds like your morning time is perfect for you. I enjoy the quiet morning hours with my coffee too (my husband sleeps later than I do and he constantly has music playing...I like peace and quiet). I really like your quote "The Guest House" - so true!

  3. I am not nearly as good about my morning routine now that I am retired but I do try and get some planner and journaling time in the morning. I also sit down at my desk or reading chair in the afternoon because that time, before dinner needs to happen, is a good time for me to read and reflect. I am working through a book on spiritual disciplines right now. Also, look at that ready to move space!

  4. I'm not nearly as organized in my routines, but maybe I should give it a try! I used to meditate every evening before bed, but I found I was falling asleep so now I'm trying morning meditation. I write my to-dos out in the morning while drinking my tea and try to cross them off before the day ends. Once I finish with things I have to do, it's knitting and reading time.

  5. I liked reading about your routines. I don't have many these days, just coffee, walk at dawn, and then just work on whatever I've decided for my 30 day challenge each month throughout the day with breaks to catch up on blogs. Have a nice weekend Karen!

  6. I wish I did. I mean to. But .......I'm horrible at sticking to a routine even though I KNOW it would make my day smoother.

  7. I like routines too!!! God bless you as you move ❤

  8. My only routine used to be my daily walk which I haven't been able to do. It was my own time to listen to music and let my mind just drift. Hubby likes the TV on all day for background noise. I love music. Walking is my time.

  9. I love your morning routine. My routine includes prayer and scripture reading, and sometimes sneaking in a little blog reading while I eat my breakfast. I hope your move continues to go well.

  10. My morning routine is my favorite time of the day - and since the pandemic - has been in a serious state of flux... but it is still my fave time of day . I read, write, and mostly watch morning dawn, seasons evolve. Lately, I’ve been sketching my mornings - a new practice that I am enjoying. Thank you for sharing your morning routine - it is so calming and good that you can maintain as you prepare to move. Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh thank you. Stockinette I love. Moon river up next! Thanks. I too write a list out in the evening for the next day. If I was lost with no pen and paper, I might have to do something drastic. Oh I could write in the sand perhaps.

  12. I love your routines, mine are frankly more about getting ready for work for the next day and making sure Little Buddy is ready and packed up for school or camp. I can't leave anything until morning because I leave for work so early. Good luck with the packing.

  13. Ever since COVID began, our routines are gone; in fact we have trouble remembering what day it is!

  14. Hi Karen,
    ...I love a good routine...and now that we're empty nesters we've gotten a lot better at sticking to ours...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  15. You have found routines that works for you. Most mornings find me at my desk after breakfast with a cup of tea. I journal and write. In the summer, I walk early in the a.m. before breakfast and in the cooler weather after lunch. I make my errands, to dos, and appointment lists for the week in my calendar on Sunday afternoon - a hold over from weekly lesson plans. Evenings I knit or stitch. I'd be lost without routine and a calendar.

  16. I envy your journaling. I do have a routine. A glass of water. Wash my face. Changing into my workout clothes and stretching. Workout for almost two hours. Shower. Dishes. OMAD prep &/or cooking. Then a form of crafting.

  17. My morning routine is pretty similar to yours ... except that I do a little bit of Instagram while the coffee brews and after my prayer time, I try to read for 30 straight minutes. It's a great way for me to start the day.

    and just seeing all that empty space and the boxes in that middle photo - I'm glad you have a solid grounding routine. I trust it holds up!

  18. I love routines and would be lost without them! I arise at 4:30 or 5 a.m. and sit with my coffee and husband before he heads off to work at 6:00. Then I retire to my office, light a candle and pray the morning office (Lauds). When Lent began I started writing the antiphons of the day in a daily journal. These help me to reflect on what I’m praying for or thanking God for that day. I’ll then spend time with the Mass readings for the day unless I’m able to attend our noon Mass. Laundry and dinner prep are daily “to-do’s”. Now that our city has opened up I’m able to catch up with friends for lunch or coffee.
    A rosary and /or Divine Mercy chaplet are prayed daily as there is always someone who needs prayers. For the past two months I’ve been exercising at home, alternating cardio and strength training with resistance bands. I’m feeling much better for it!
    I did a major purge of my office last year and will be doing the same with my jewelry studio this summer.
    One thing that keeps me on track is taking “small bites” with new projects. I don’t want to compromise early morning routine with something that is less important.
    Best of luck with your move. It looks like you’re right on track!


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