Starting with Flowers


I thought starting this post with flowers would be a great beginning. Aren't they just beautiful? My husband is sad that after years of working on the flower beds and getting them perfect, he's leaving them. Of course he'll have new flower beds to create at the new home. We are excited for our new adventures.

Yesterday was the first day I felt like we were on target and getting all the things done in a timely manner. More rooms are completely boxed up and tomorrow I can officially begin the kitchen (ugh). Fingers are crossed we have enough boxes - however my husband knows where to procure more free ones if necessary. We have become skilled with this moving business.

We've completed thus far:

12 SUV-filled donation runs
2 recycling runs
2 scrap metal runs
1 furniture truckload pick up by a non profit organization

I'm sure there will be another donation run to go from the kitchen even though I went through it once, I'm being relentless in giving away what I do not use. 

In other news I'm hanging on by the seat of my pants showing up here to blog, keeping up with my journaling and knitting. Because of numerous social obligations, last night was the first night in many many days I picked up the needles and spent some time on my shawl. It was delightful! I'm eager for tonight as well.


  1. You've made remarkable progress, and as much as it probably feels like you've been packing forever, you've done it the right way. Getting rid of so much will make the move and unpacking in your new house much more enjoyable. Keep knitting when you can!

  2. I can't wait for you to be on my side of the state!! Go you!

  3. That pretty flower is such a nice way to start my day.

  4. The kitchen is always the last room I pack and the first I unpack. That room and my craftroom are my domain and I am super fussy about how things get handled. Have you already procured another house? Has your current one been sold? What time-line are you looking at for the big move?

  5. The flower is so pretty. You are doing a great job with everything and still even squeezing in time for blogging and knitting. You've got it together Karen. When is the move?

  6. Wow, Karen - you are making progress. You are doing such a great job keeping up with everything. Moving is always such a big job - but it's so nice to get a fresh start! Hope things continue to progress and move forward.

  7. So glad, all is going well. I was ruthless when we moved as we were downsizing but found we needed another sort out on arrival. Beautiful flowers, they must be hard to leave behind. Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully you will squeeze in a little knitting time.

  8. Good luck with the rest of the house and the kitchen. You can do it!!!!!

  9. Sending all the best kitchen-packing vibes ... and yay for being on track - especially this close to the move! (still amazed at how you're showing up to all the usual places with so much going on)!

  10. That flower is pretty. Moving is always a little bitter sweet - leaving behind favorites but looking forward to creating new. What a fantastic job you have done with going through your possessions. Knit and journal when you can - it is good for the soul.

  11. You are doing great!!!! Love that you are recycling or repurposing for others to use stuff! STUFF is important but not as important as knit time!

  12. Moving is hard work, so remember to take time for you, the rest will all fall into place. Enjoy your day and knitting.


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