Hello! How was your weekend?

We (well, I) started packing the kitchen. Boxes are everywhere and I'm trying to decide what do I need for the next week or should I pack it. I've learned something about myself with this process. Whenever I start a room I feel hopeless and like it's never going to end. Then it ends and I rarely celebrate it's finished-ness. I move onto the next room and start the hopeless feeling all over again. Where is the positivity in that??

I think I might need to meditate MORE. (just an astute observation)

The above photo is a clementine from my husband's briefcase that has been tucked inside for OVER a year! He last went to the office maybe end of February 2020 - then the pandemic shutdown and zoom working from home began. He retired in August 2020 - only this weekend (!) did he clean out the briefcase. I had to document that beautiful shriveled piece of forgotten fruit, an incredible artifact.

As much as I'm going to miss this house, this town and all of my friends, I'm looking forward to some new beginnings. I'm also looking forward to unpacking instead of packing. 

I'll be visiting this space again on Wednesday and possibly Friday, but after that it will be a slippery slope on showing up. The movers arrive early next week to begin the process of loading up the semi. If I do any posting while being knee-deep in chaos it will be on instagram.

Although the postings will be sporadic I'll be thinking of you all. I like schedules and I like documenting and truly want to be here for normalcy. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting!  

Did I mention I will have a new studio/office space in the new house? I've got lots of new ideas for how I want that space to look and feel.


  1. I am so excited for you as you begin this amazing new journey!

  2. Oh! so soon!! I'm sorry we were never able to meet up while you were on this side of the state - like at NJ Sheep & Wool or Allentown Fiber Festival. Wishing you a safe and pleasant move and I'm looking forward to seeing your new space!! That clementine cracks me up!!!

  3. I think you deserve congratulations on your packing process! It may have felt hopeless at times, but it certainly looks organized from the outside. I look forward to seeing your new space and unpacking! (And that clementine is crazy!)

  4. Wishing you an easy move. How exciting to set up a new place.

    That clementine made me laugh. I found a banana one time in our crock pot lid on top of the fridge. Apparently a banana got forgotten. For how long??? Who knows! But, by the time I found it, it looked like a vanilla bean.

  5. The clementine cracked me up! I'm so excited for you on your new journey and can't wait to see the new place. Wishing you a safe and smooth move.

  6. I laughed at the clementine. I am surprised it didn't stink up the whole house LOL. You have done so well in packing up your house. Unpacking is always the best part of moving....to me anyway. It is like starting with a clean slate and making it all yours. Looking forward to seeing any updates you may post here or on IG.

  7. Such a wonderful adventure. Hope all goes well, looking forward to seeing the new house and your journey to make it your home.

  8. God bless and keep you!!! May your move go well!💖

  9. Wishing you a stress free move!

  10. Hi Karen,
    ...it looks like you are mostly packed up...and after having moved 10 or 11 times...I think that moving house is always bittersweet...and hopeful...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. Good luck with the packing and move, we will all be here waiting to hear about your new adventures as soo as you are ready.

  12. That clementine is amazing! Good luck with the move and getting settled into your new house. it sounds so exciting!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From The Blue

  13. Moving is such a process! I too wanted the routine of blogging during our move 5 years ago. I found the petrified fruit....almost unreal. It is very cool. Fingers crossed it goes well. IT should. Movers move all the time. Wishing you well labeled boxes.

  14. As crazy as it seems now.. it will also feel so great in a new space.. all the new possibilities! I don't know if you mentioned in an earlier post but where are you moving to? Different state?


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