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Good morning to you all, how are you? Right now it's early morning and I'm sitting at my kitchen table listening to the birds outside. At this house we can feed the birds without bear activity. What a delight! I've heard there are foxes but so far we haven't seen one yet. There are also deer that come right up to the house, so bold. 

When I do my morning routine that consists of journaling, praying and meditating,  I ask myself two key questions. I never write down my answers, I just mull them over in my head. Sometimes the mulling over gives me some insight on myself.

Question #1: What would make today a Great Day?

Question #2: How will I make today a Great Day?

A great day for me is usually some knitting time and reading time. I'm finding that these questions I ask myself are more about how I want the tone of my day to be and how I want to feel and not necessarily a litany of tasks to check off from a list. I want to feel relaxed, calm and content.

Going down a worry rabbit hole does NOT make a Great Day and I am completely in control of that. Meditation helps and not believing all of my thoughts help as well. I think about the activities that make me feel relaxed, calm and content. I can have a Great Day without knitting or reading if I am doing something with my husband or my sister. I can have a Great Day just chatting with a neighbor or having a phone call with a friend. My husband and I eating our dinner outside on the patio with Frodo is wonderful.

Feeling healthy also makes for many many Great Days and hopefully life longevity. So far my BP medicine adjustment is working out and I've been combing through my diet and cleaning it up. I'm choosing to be happy about the process because it will give me Great Day. I feel the same about my exercise routine.

So what would make any of your days a Great Day?

one of the many farmer markets near me


  1. What a good way to start your day! I like the mulling over of your questions and that you are not looking to produce a list of tasks. A great day for me today would be getting all (or most) of Ryan's furniture moved out of the storage facility and into his house. We only have one pickup truck and it's supposed to rain, but we'll see what we can get done. We have another truck and more muscular people to help tomorrow, so there is hope!

  2. I am trying to ask myself How do I feel and What do I need. This is opening some new doors. I like your great day questions too. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I love this. I write a gratitude list, read scriptures and pray every morning, but when school is on, everything feels so rushed and so much of what happens depends on the actions of others. I can often only control my reactions. I do like to read something relaxing every day, but that usually comes at night before bed. I love the questions you ask yourself each morning.

  4. Great post . I think purposefu1 thinking is a good use of time and can direct our days. I am reading two books given me by my kids. One is by the Da1ai !ama . I am working on Trying to discern if something wi11 bring me satisfaction or happiness. Trying to put some FUN into these pretty summer days and nights. The moon rise last night, the Sturgeon Moon, was so pretty. We may intentiona11y go somewhere to watch it rise over the horizon

  5. I suppose any day that I wake up on this side of the dirt counts as a great day. LOL

    Wishing you a very happy weekend on THIS side of the dirt.

  6. What a lovely way to start your day? An ordinary day with good health is a good day for me. Seeing my grandchildren on FaceTime Time makes the day great. Time to write, knit, and spin is a bonus.

  7. I love how yo frame your questions and thoughts. A great day for me is making a difference in the kids I work with, some laughter and energy and if I get an even better day time to create. I meditate everyday, but I wish I had a bit more time to do it more. I think it would help me to calm down a bit. Stay safe.

  8. I like how you ask questions each day. I do the same but write them in my journal with what I am thinking. A great day for me is waking up each morning seeing my hubby’s smiling face and our rambunctious fur baby. I start my morning with coffee and knitting, and if time allows, a little reading. Then off to my home office I go to start my workday. Making it a great day is my frame of mind. I have chosen to block out the negative things in life and focus only on the positive. Praying has helped me with this tremendously and now I make each day a great day. Thank you so much for sharing Karen 😊

  9. What a lovely way to start your day! It's so true too, what makes a great day can be different day by day, it's definitely flexible! :)

    Hope had a lovely weekend :) We had a day out in the city yesterday with the kids enjoying the warmer weather :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. Hi Karen,
    Your house is so pretty...it sounds like you're settling in there...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  11. Waking up with enough sleep under my belt and a smooth, vanilla mama routine.


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