Gray Baby Blanket


Good morning!

I finished the baby blanket - I must say that my knitting needles are on fire these days and I am grateful that my knitting ennui is a thing of the past. I knew it was a phase and a result from the stress of the move. I also believe the change of seasons has helped me immensely. There is nothing like fall foliage to view, warm knitting in your lap while you drink a cup of hot tea.

This blanket is the smallest size and was a breeze to knit up. The cotton yarn is nice to knit with for baby projects. This blanket is for the grand-baby to be.


  1. I think a new grand baby is the best knitting inspiration ever! :)

  2. That's knitting at its best - warm knitting for a loved one while you sip tea. It's lovely and looks like it might be the perfect size to use with the car seat.

  3. That's beautiful! I actually love it when baby things are not "baby" colors.

  4. Knitting for the tiny people is so fun. I have a sweater on the needles for our preschooler. How is that cotton yarn on your hands?

    1. For 100% cotton it is pretty good but not as good as wool!

  5. Beautiful. When do you expect this new grandbaby?

  6. Congratulations on finishing the blanket. What is next on your needles? You are so is knitting weather.

  7. Hi Karen,
    ...the blanket turned out so pretty!...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. oh Karen, it's beautiful! knitting for grandbabies is a blessing!

  9. It is a charming heir1oom!!!!!

  10. What a joy to knit for a grandbaby. It is beautiful! Glad your knitting mojo is back.

  11. What a sweet cozy blanket. There is nothing like becoming a grandmother.


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