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Can you believe it will be Thanksgiving next week? I'm dazed. I have some Christmas gifts that have to be ready for that day so I'll be wrapping them and singing Christmas music. I continue to be on task for all of my knitting goals and what's even better, I'm enjoying all the knitting that I'm doing. 

Around here I've been mulling over whether to put up one or two Christmas trees. Over the years I've simplified but lately 'going big' seems like a fun thing to do. Our big Christmas tree box was battered from the move so if I put up the tree then I can repair the box again. My big concern is Miss Holly and her investigative spirit. She is four years old, is she going to behave?

She hasn't bothered with the cuckoo clock chains like I thought she would...but I just don't trust her!

Around here my reading has been mostly about mindfulness for months and months. I plan to continue with that since being mindful keeps me happy. 

However I've decided delve into WWII. I've read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank when I was 14 years old and again when I was in my 30's. I started a re-reading once again this week. I also bought a memoir by Françoise Frenkel titled A Bookshop in Berlin which is about her escape to France. I'm on the hunt for more books. Also if you happen to be on Twitter, I recommend following the Auschwitz Memorial, they tweet about prisoners on their birthdays about their fate in the camp. 

Also lined up will be an extensive rabbit hole of the Civil War during my 2022 year. I have yet to curate my reading list. 

When I was in school I HATED history. Now look at me seeking it out! If you would have told the younger me that the older me would be interested in this I would have laughed hysterically.

The knitting in the photo below is a hat for me that I add a few rows to once in a while. I have yet to make the project page. The knitting photo above is the beginnings of a mitten for my grand nephew for Christmas.

What have been your rabbit holes that you've tumbled into?


  1. What a pretty picture of Holly. She has gotten big!! I think at 4 years old you MIGHT be able to trust her. Both Tyg and Maestro were good with our trees. I do not think Mabel will be good. I think she will be VERY, VERY BAD!!! I'm thinking a simple table-top tree this year, but even that would be risky. your knitting is so pretty. Glad you are enjoying it! And, no real rabbit holes for me. Work continues to be way too busy for my liking - LOL

  2. Good luck with Holly whatever you decide! I'm glad you are completely on track with your holiday knitting (and wrapping), and big reading plans for 2022.

  3. No rabbit holes for me right now, but it doesn't mean one couldn't suddenly pop up. LOL

    Miss Holly sure is a cutie!

  4. We have two trees and secure them because of the cat. He is 11 and still very playful. I put unbreakable ornaments on the bottom that he can bat around. So fun for us to watch.

  5. If you want historical you may like this novel Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Amazing that you are already thinking of next years reading list!

  6. Your knitting looks so peaceful. I love knitting mitts and mittens. Since my daughter enabled me to be more active on Instagram, that is the latest rabbit hole. There is so much written about World War Two. The nurses in the world wars fascinate me - perhaps because my Mom trained to be a nurse at the end of World War Two.

  7. I love history as well. My husband reads A LOT about World War II. I haven't read much about WWII for a while, though. Lately, I have been reading quite about the colonial and Revolutionary War era. The Civil War is also fascinating. We visited several battle fields when we lived in the Midwest. You might want to check out The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara - one of my all time favorites. I plan to put our tree this weekend so that the house looks festive for Thanksgiving.
    Hope you have a good weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving. See you again soon.

  8. I read Anne Frank when we visited Amsterdam and went to the museum - one of those big travel moments. I hear a lot of people talking about two trees. If it were not for my husband, I might skip a tree altogether- not a bah humbug thing but it is so much work. I admire your Go Big attitude

  9. Instagram is my rabbit ho1e. I can f1ip through so many knitters projects and re1ax. Posting on my instagram account instead of b1ogging, is rea11y different. But I'm sticking to it for now.

  10. Your reading sounds a little heavy for me right now. I have always wanted to put up two trees, but we get one real on in mid-December. Maybe when we retire. I hope Miss Holly behaves. I like the color of the yarn that you knitting. My rabbit hole is usually Facebook. I have been trying to stay off my computer as much as possible when I am home lately. I get a lot more done that way.

  11. I also hated history when I was in school, but these days I find myself reading all sorts of historical fiction. The latest once was All the Light You Cannot See, which was the theme book for a crochet-a-long I found out about last year. I was so intrigued by a book that inspired a yarn project that I was instantly sucked in. It is a wonderful book!

  12. I follow the Auschwitz Memorial Twitter account as well... it is a somber reminder of those that perished... and it is a very good thing to keep their memories alive today!

    I recently read The Three Sister's by Heather Morris (Tattooist of Auschwitz) and it was a very good book on the history of the times leading up to WWII... as remembered by the sisters. I think you might enjoy it tremendously.

  13. Hi Karen,
    ...I agree about Thanksgiving...I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family...I probably should re-read the Diary of Anne Frank too...and some of Corrie Ten Booms stories too...
    ~Have a lovely day!


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