Weekends and a Trip


Hello! This weekend has been GLORIOUS! Unbeknownst to you all, my husband and I drove up to Cambridge MA to visit our daughter and son in law on Tuesday morning and we were supposed to stay until Friday morning and return home.

We were watching the weather closely the whole time. On Thursday morning I saw what was once a meager prediction of 1-3 inches of snow in Cambridge being switched to 6-10 inches of snow starting at 1 a.m. on Friday. When the weatherperson said 'pack a blanket' when traveling, that's when I woke my husband up and discussed leaving Thursday afternoon.

I wanted to spend the night in Eastern PA breaking up the 9+ hour drive. He wanted to drive straight home arriving close to midnight. Needless to say, we did what he wished and our drive was decent until we hit State College when the snow started to fall in PA. We made it safely home at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning...

Our nerves were shot and we are still recovering from that rotten drive home. The interstate highway was snow covered and once we swerved on black ice. However, my daughter reported that they had 10 inches of snow by 9 a.m. so there's that. Ever since arriving home we have not left the house except to pick up Frodo from the kennel.

I've been reading and knitting every moment that I can! I think we will be recovering all week.

We had a fantastic time with our daughter and son in law, we saw their new apartment in Cambridge, MA. Had delicious take out meals (pizza one night, sushi the next evening). My husband and I stayed at the Porter Square Hotel which was excellent AND they credited us for the night we did not stay due to the impending storm, so that is fantastic customer service! We will definitely stay there for the next trip during summer days.

I visited four bookstores and enjoyed seeing the diverse book displays managing to buy only ONE book at two stores. 

The city views are from our hotel suite, it's gorgeous. But for me, the most beautiful photo in the world is my home and the most beautiful feeling in the world is being home. 

How was your weekend?


  1. How nice that you were able to visit your daughter and son-in-law...and happy you made it home safely! Stay cozy this week - it is supposed to be pretty chilly here!!

  2. I'm glad you got to visit your son and DiL, especially because winter travel can be iffy. But Cambridge sounds like a wonderful place with all those bookstores. Next time you visit your grandchild will be born and that is exciting!

  3. Welcome home! Gah I just hate traveling in bad weather, it is so nerve wracking!

  4. Ack.. we skid on some black ice around Christmas and there was a truck coming on the other side of the lane and we had a light flashed before our eyes kind of moment. Glad you guys were able to make it home sweet home.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip, except the drive home. Glad you got home safely. Enjoy some rest.

  6. So glad you are safely home. Looks like a great trip overall. I know about cutting a trip short due to the weather forecast - we changed our flight home from San Antonio after Christmas to miss a big snow storm. So glad you got to connect with your daughter and son-in-law. The bookstores sound wonderful. You are a strong women to buy so few books. ;-) Great pictures. I hope you have a great week. See you again soon. Stay safe and warm!

  7. Oh my. It sounds like your visit in Cambridge was wonderful, the trip home not so much. I am glad you are home safely. Driving on highways in winter conditions is not fun. Enjoy being home as I know you will.

  8. Hi Karen,
    ...I'm glad you got away...but like you...I always prefer being home...the winter drive sounds pretty horrible...glad you made it safely home...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  9. You make me fee1 norma1......I 1ove to be home. Trips, if short do suit me. I 1ike to go to the same p1aces. Fireman 1ikes new areas to exp1ore. He wou1d have driven straight through too. I'm g1ad you are home safe1y. It is bitter co1d here. I'm happy to stay in and knit. and you two are so photogenic and cute !

  10. So glad to hear that you had a lovely time with your daughter and son in law and you made it home safely. That sounds like a very nerve wracking drive. I hope you are now fully rested and I totally agree that there is no place like home.

  11. Glad you made it back home OK; that sounded like a scary drive. We had beautiful weather on Sunday, but it's rained pretty much nonstop since then. Even our rain gauge is overflowing! I guess the best thing about rain is you don't have to shovel it, and now all of our snow/ice is gone. What book did you buy. It's hard to resist what looks like a good read, isn't it?

  12. Oh wow thst would be a stressful drive! Looks like a lovely trip! I love home too. Just wish I could be closer to the many I love who are not near!

  13. That looks like a cute place to visit. Glad you found a good kennel to take care of your fur baby.


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