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We've been home for over a week and I just might be recovered from the travels. I am pleasantly back into the ordinary swing of things and doing the activities that bring me joy. Such as: 

 - walking daily, weather permitting - exercising - menu planning (not enjoyable but I do like to eat!) - knitting daily - easing in a bit of sketching and watercoloring - reading daily - trying my best to be PRESENT - journalling - connecting with family

While it took me a week to get back into my daily groove, Frodo needed three days to recover from the kennel stay. He might have too much fun and bark more than he should. Thankfully he had a grooming appointment and looks dapper.

I pulled out my little watercolor notebook and quickly sketched and painted some daffodils. 

While the weather was spectacular these past few days, it looks like winter will edge back in and --gulp-- with it some snow showers. Oh March you do love to do this!!

What  brings you joy?


  1. Love your sketching and painting. I saw that we have colder weather in the forecast, but fortunately no snow (that I am aware of). Just one more week of March though and then we will be in April!!!

  2. We've also got snow showers in the forecast, but I guess I should expect that in March. Several days in the 60s and 70s have spoiled me when colder temps return. I love your watercolor daffodils!

  3. Wow. You are looking at snow and we are looking at temps in the 90s this weekend. Your watercolor is very pretty. Nothing says spring like daffodils and tulips.

  4. Love the daffodil painting!
    Our weather is bouncing too. This coming weeek we will range from almost 80 degrees to well below freezing. No snow forcasted though. Happy knitting!

  5. how did you start with your watercolours? I have a bunch sitting here...with the paper, and lovely brushes and am paralyzed as to my starting point!??? Crazy, I know.
    Love your work!

    1. Well I wished it for a while, then found some you-tube artists to get inspiration and then of course there is Pinterest - lots and lots of ideas!!

  6. I love the daffodils. You are a talented artist! Glad you are recovering from your trip. Cute picture of Frodo. Have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  7. Love your daffodil sketch and painting, its delightful. There is something rathe wonderful about getting back into the rhythm of the every day after being away isn't there. I am glad to here that you have found it again.

  8. Daffodils shout spring and yours are so pretty. Sunshine, a brisk walk in the March wind, and as always, my grandchildren bring me joy.

  9. oh I love seeing Frodo! and your watercolor of those daffodils brings me joy, too!

  10. Hi Frodo! *hugs*
    I like being able to relax and at times getting things done. I spent the weekend watching Bridgerton and knitting on an old sweater WIP. I finished the bottom ribbing; one, short elbow sleeve; and am on the other sleeve. I tried for the first time using a 12" circular for sleeve knitting and what a difference it makes!

  11. Love your daffodil painting and Frodo, he looks so sweet x


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