There is nothing really going on around here - true blessings! It's hot and humid so we are all hiding in the air conditioning and only going outside if it's a must. Frodo and I walk daily in the early mornings and that's enough outside for me.

I'm trying really hard not to romanticize about fall and all its goodness. The cicadas started up this week and joyfully I thought 'yay, one step closer to fall'. Next up will be the acorn drop in a couple of weeks. My husband is a summer lover so I keep all these thoughts bottled up. I also try not to complain about the weather. But you and I know, fall is coming and it's going to be glorious!

I bought a humidifier for our bedroom after being gently told by the RA doctor numerous times (four visits?)  it would help with dry eye and dry mouth. (Sjogren's Syndrome). The photo below is Holly giving the humidifier the stink eye. She cracks me up. And if you are wondering, YES the humidifier helps.

The tattered tan aran blanket in the same photo is the first knitting project I made when I was a teen, more than forty years ago. It has holes in it that I have yet to fix, I just tied them up temporarily. It's with acrylic yarn and has served me well.

Round and round I've been knitting on the blue sweater. I'm getting used to the rustic feel of the wool and hope I like wearing it as much as I like knitting it!

I will be adventuring next week and will probably not be posting here. I hope you stay well, stay cool and have lots and lots of your own adventures!!


  1. The aran blanket is quite an accomplishment for a teen. Glad to hear your Dr was right about the humidifier. Also glad it is helping you. I thought PA had pretty high humidity naturally. Or it did when I lived in Philly. We had to run a dehumidifier constantly there....even with A/C on. Winter wasn't quite as bad. But then. Coming from the desert in AZ, anything would feel humid lol. Enjoy your adventure coming up. Hopefully it is for fun.

  2. This week has been a whopper, hasn't it????

    I have a similar aran blanket that I made when Stephen was 2. He is going to be 40. It is acrylic and still looks the same as the day I made it. Come the apocalypse, our acrylic blankets will be the only things remaining. LOL

  3. Holly and the stink eye - too cute. It's been miserable hot here and humid. Not nice. I hope your adventure planned is a fun one and I'll look forward to hearing about it!

  4. Hello Karen! I, too, have been thinking about fall...and as a matter of fact, acorns are already beginning to drop from our oak tree.

    Happy adventuring!

  5. Stay cool on your adventures and have fun!

  6. My mother has the first afghan that I ever crocheted. I only recently started knitting blankets. Only baby blankets so far. I love all of the seasons, but this heat and humidity is definitely uncomfortable. I have woken up too late the last two days to take my morning walk. I find it difficult to breathe when the humidity is high. I am glad the humidifier is working to make you feel better. The doctor gave you a good recommendation. Enjoy your adventures next week.

  7. Happy Adventuring. When we returned home last weekend, I heard cicadas and thought of autumn. Years ago, my granddad used to say that the first frost was six weeks from the cicada chorus. I don't think that holds true anymore but it is a nice thought. Quiet days are so nice. I'm hoping our coming week is nice and quiet.

  8. Same in upstate NY very hot and humid, but looks like cooler weather this week. I'm impressed with the blanket you knit as a teen, looks like there's cable in it?

  9. Humidifiers are great. We keep one in every bedroom. Keep them clean is a pain but they otherwise help a lot with M and H's nose bleeds.
    It is very hot, we haven't been able to do any of a regular summer stuff like biking and playing outside because the heat is just unbearable. So I guess I am with you.. let's go fall!

  10. It’s going to be a scorcher around here this week and I am very much looking forward to cooler temperatures! I have had some problems with a dry, tickly throat at night and I wonder if it’s from having the window open in the bedroom at night. I hope it passes. Enjoy your adventuring!

  11. I hope you are staying cool, it is hot and humid here but it is Florida after all. The afternoon storms have been incredible. Stay safe and cool

  12. I am happy you mentioned the humidifier. That has been on my list for too long. Enjoy your adventuring and stay cool.


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