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Hello! Oh boy have I missed this space. I haven't taken a break from here for a week, ever. So the break was good. My husband and I went to a residential area of Virginia Beach with our son, daughter in law and our sweet grandson! Sadly, our daughter and son in law were unable to attend due to work schedules.

It was HOT, too hot.

I stayed in the air conditioning most of the time because I am sun sensitive due to Sjogren's Syndrome. However, mornings and evenings were fine for a walk on the beach. Also the added bonus of staying inside was baby duty! Our grandson is perfection and he is such a happy baby.

How blessed am I to have had this opportunity! I am so glad we were invited. Of course, I did NOT knit a single stitch, painted a picture or journaled about anything. All I managed was reading The Stand whenever there were pockets of time. Each evening I was tired from the vacationing. I forgot how busy babies make a day.

I need a vacation to recover from the vacation, ha ha. Today is mostly catchup from being gone for six days. Frodo and Holly are thrilled we are back home. Lots of extra love going around as they recover from missing us. 

I am ready to immerse myself into my super boring life. Also, I have lots of knitting to catch up on!


  1. Baby boy is getting big already. What a special time you got to habe with him. Making all those memories is so special. To heck with the knitting! Grandbaby time is much more important.

  2. Exactly as Leftycrafter stated: Grandbaby time is much more important - that trumps all! Love that picture of your hubby holding the grandbaby up in the air. He is growing fast (the baby, not your hubby...LOL). My husband grew up in Norfolk, so I am a little familiar with the area where you were. HOT is an understatement! Glad you had such a nice time...glad you are home again safely.

  3. Glad you had a good time with a happy baby and family! Welcome back and enjoy catching up on all the knitting!

  4. Oh how wonderful to have some Grandbaby time! That sounds like a wonderful vacation, but understand why you now need a vacation. Your grandon is getting big. I am looking forward to your next knitting post.

  5. Hello! What a wonderful vacation! You and I are the same. Beach in the early morning or evening. Cozy inside. Love your photos! And I know what you mean about needing a vacation from a vacation!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful break. Looks like you had a great time with your grandson.

  7. It was fun to see pictures of your getaway. My oldest daughter and her five children live in Virginia Beach. Looks like you had a nice time. Yes, babies are exhausting - that's why we have them when we are young. ;-) Have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  8. oh I'm so glad y'all had that time with the baby (and his parents) - it looks like he's at the perfect age for a "vacation" - and wishing you a speedy recovery as you get back to your boring :-) life!

  9. ohmygoodness the rolls on those little legs!!!! I know what you mean about needing a vacation after vacation ;) Hope you enjoy settling back into your 'boring' life ;)

  10. Look at that darling little baby. I am glad you were able to spend time with your son and family. I find the older I get the longer it takes me to rest up after a trip. Welcome home.

  11. What a fantastic week, Karen! But welcome home... I am hoping for a good bit of rain today in our neighborhood! Perfect weather to sit and knit!

  12. What a special week.....I am currently going through the beginning of testing to find out what type of inflammatory thing I have going on. I am being refered to a rheumatologist and I am now wondering if I don't have the syndrom you mentioned. Many of the symptoms fit me.....Thank you for sharing your information so I can reserach this with my doctor!! At 61 I have always been healthy but I have had foot issues and either pain or tingling in my feet. I have had a recent bad flare this past late spring and it isn't lyme or covid or anything else. My bloodwork shows no Vit D issues and it does show Inflammatory I will see.....

    1. I do hope you get the answers you seek. I lived over 20 years with autoimmune arthritis and only just recently got the Sjogren's Syndrome diagnosis and a medicine change for the better. Hang in there and good luck!!


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