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Just look at that glorious sleeve, so so close to the end. By this evening, I will be picking up the next sleeve and carrying on with getting this sweater finished and blocked in time for the crisp fall season. Speaking of cooler air, yesterday was gorgeous, I wore a long sleeve shirt for the first time since the spring and felt cold. 

The first sock is almost done! I love this color and after nearly a week of knitting these socks in front of my husband (which are for my husband) he asked if they were for him. So now the surprise socks are not some much a surprise anymore.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Sleeve Island is such a fun place to be! And you are cruising right along on that sock!

  2. The blue of that yarn has really lovely depth and I love waffle pattern socks (especially that color)!

  3. Sounds like fall has come to your neck of the woods. That sweater color is gorgeous. I chuckled about your husband. Everytime my husband sees me casting on socks he asks if they are for him. He loves my socks best!

  4. Well, often the anticipation of getting something you like is even more fun than a surprise, so it's all good, if you ask me ;-)
    Love the color of that sweater (I may have told you that before, but it's true!)

  5. I checked out your link for the sweater. That's a pretty one!!!

  6. Your sweater is speedily coming along Karen and I bet the second sleeve goes quickly. I love that sock for your husband. I NEED to get something on my needles pronto!!

  7. Hi Karen,
    ...I'm in love with your blue sweater...your sock is pretty too...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  8. Oh your knitting looks fantastic! Enjoy the cooler weather.

  9. What a classic sweater pattern. It is so pretty in that blue. The socks look squishy and warm. I hope the cooler weather is here to stay.

  10. Glad to know that the sweater is coming along great.

  11. I love that sock pattern, I have knit a few pairs. Your sweater is knitting up so quickly, I am finally blocking one that I started at the beginning of the year!

  12. Love that blue for your sweater. How's it doing now? Nice work on the sock also; what pattern are you using? It looks familiar.


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