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Good morning! Well, it's another Friday and here we are checking in with each other. I've quickly jumped back into my ordinary days enjoying my creative projects and it's been wonderful! Traveling does that to me, I am renewed in being grateful for the simplest of things: my favorite mug, sitting with Frodo, oh the list could go on.

On my daily walks with Frodo, I am paying attention to the slightest changes of fall showing up. The mornings are chilly (yay) and I am all for it! 

Besides knitting daily, I've been doing a small drawing challenge - The Inchie Challenge. My sister alerted me to the challenge and asked me to join her. We share our daily sketches via texting and compare our interpretations of the prompts. I've been using my graphitints by derwent. These pencils are water-soluble colored graphite and are fun to play with. I only have seven colors so I have to be creative with what I have.

Yesterday, my husband with the help of a neighbor removed the faded shutters on our house with the intent to paint them and put them back up. that they are down, we like the house without the shutters so we will have a long thinking process of what we really want to do. 


  1. It is quite cool here this morning and I'm loving it! I do like the house without shutters, and I know what we would do - decide to not paint and put them back up!

  2. I like your drawings and the fact that you sister and you are doing them together - fun! I'm enjoying the cooler mornings - my coffee feels so good going down my throat!

  3. The mornings are getting cooler here too...just like you, I loooove it! And what a great inchie project, especially doing it with your sister! That's lovely :)

    1. that 'anonymous' was me...didn't mean to do that ;)

  4. I'd have to look for a picture of your house with shutters, but I do think it looks great without them. Somehow it looks British to me ;-)
    I love your little drawings.

  5. I think your house looks great. I love traditional colonial style! Your sketches look great. That challenge sounds like fun. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  6. Hi Karen,
    ...I like the house without the shutters simple and pretty that way...I'm wishing for fall too...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. I love brick houses! Fall colours here, too

  8. You inspire me to try new things, Karen. :) Thank you!

    And hmm... I like the house sans shutters as well... but what color might you be painting them? I think something darker might look really stunning!

  9. Your house is lovely, I don't know what it looked like without shutters so can't comment on whether it looks better. I love your wee drawings, I love that you are using Derwent pencils they are probably not made locally any more but the Derwent company originated locally to me, they have a great range of pencils, we have several boxes of them here too.

  10. I think it DOES look nice without the shutters. I'm very fond of plain brick.

  11. I like how your house looks without the shutters, though I don't have a comparison. I like your little drawings. I am going to start looking for the signs of fall also. Have a great week.

  12. Your drawings look like so much fun. Since I can't draw, I enjoy the sketching of bloggers like you. Your home looks nice without the shutters - classic colonial style.


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