Museum Outing

Yesterday we went to the the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History and had a great time. One of the better decisions we made earlier in the springtime was to purchase memberships that gives us admission to four museums in the Pittsburgh area. 

After the museum, we went out to lunch then headed off to the local yarn store so I could buy some wool for our grandson's SECOND Christmas sweater. The first sweater he is already wearing at 8 months old even though I knit the 18 month old size. I cast on last night for a 2 year old size, let's hope he grows slowly and it fits for the holidays!

Oh and that purple Malabrigo sock yarn is for a future pair of socks for my husband.

Even though I am not sketching daily, I am trying my best to sketch when I remember. For some reason I'm in the mood for graphite sketching.

Yesterday morning before sunrise, I spied the moon spying on me!

 I loved our outing in the city but I loved more coming home, starting a knitting project and drinking a cup of decaf green tea. The leaves are a brilliant fall foliage color now - everywhere I go, on a walk or a ride in the car I am witnessing Mother Nature at her very best.



  1. The yarn for your grandson's second Christmas Sweater is a perfect shade of red, and that purple looks like socks for royalty!

  2. Oh how fun to knit squishy sweaters for one's own grandson! What a blessing! The picture of the trees in thier Autumn colours is breathtaking!🤩🍁🍂

  3. Oh look ! You found some prehistoric SKELLYS! LOL Home is always BEST! Happy knitting!

  4. I love Pittsburgh! You live in such a great area. The purple yarn is wonderful for socks and I want to see what pattern you are knitting for the second grandson sweater. I've always loved pencil drawings.

  5. Such pretty yarn. The red should be a great shade for the holidays. Those babes do grow quickly. The sketch is wonderful.

  6. So many pretty/cool things in this post! I didn't know that Cascade made a superwash merino - looks yummy and what a perfect shade for your grandson's Christmas sweater!

  7. Looks like a great outing! I love all of your gnomes --so festive and fun.


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