And just like that, it's wintry cold out there. Frodo is sporting his lovely plaid dog coat that keeps him toasty warm on our walks. I'm wearing lots of wool and loving it. The newspaper today indicated that this chilliness will remain well after Thanksgiving. Bundle up!

How was your weekend?

I did massive amounts of knitting and finishing both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I invited myself over to my sister's house for an 'art date'. We think we created something good. I packed up what I some of my supplies and we painted together while listening to Christmas music. Oh and she made biscotti! yum. It was a lot of fun.

Last night we had a fire in the fireplace. The room looks cosy and warm! In other news, my dry eyes are feeling a bit better, thanks for all the well wishes. I've got quite the to-to list this Monday morning as I start another week.



  1. What a cozy scene. It got cold here too! Saturday was warm (even flip flops warm) and then Sunday the temps dropped. It feels good and more seasonal for sure. Love that you and your sister get together to paint - fun!

  2. It sure got cold quickly but knitters are prepared! That fire looks so cozy, just the setting to knit in.

  3. What a lovely scene, Karen! (And your cards? TOO CUTE!) I love them! And yeah for all the woolens weather!

  4. Those little painted hats made me smile this morning. It has turned cold here too. It is bright and sunny, windy and COLD!

  5. I thought I was looking at my in-law's fireplace. It is almost identical. It sounds like you had a nice visit with your sister. Bundle up and keep warm. It is cold here also.

  6. I love your cozy fireplace and also your cute watercolors. Getting together with your sister for an "art date" sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you have a great week!

  7. How nice you and your sister had an art date. It is cold here and we even had a dusting of snow today. I keep wearing different hats while walking to see which one is warmest. Your fireplace looks so inviting and warm.

  8. We had a busy weekend, too. A memorial service, a soccer game and a birthday party. It's been pretty chilly and Lulu let everyone know what she thought about the soccer game.

  9. Your weekends sounds so cosy. I love your cards/art work, delightful.

  10. You and our sister's art date sound wonderful.

  11. Love Frodo's coat! I have been drawing a lot, yesterday and plan to again today while we do homeschool lessons.


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