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After many months taking a break away from this nearly impossible cross stitch design, I'm back at it, trying my best to stitch it correctly. I have grand plans of finishing this before spring arrives, wish me the best of luck!

How are you? 

Around here, I've been busy being 'Santa' and wrapping the gifts that needed to be mailed. Every morning I try to do at least a half hour of gift wrapping. This year, I have more holiday spirit than last Christmas season. Maybe I'm more adjusted to living in this house? I have less thoughts of what I miss from my old house, and that's progress. 

Around here, my bird feeder is a continuous delight! The raccoon has yet to be messing with my feeder and whenever I'm at the sink I watch MY birds. I love them so.

Around here, I'm closing in on finishing my fingerless mitts. I'm on the second mitt of the second pair. Today that mitt will be done. yay. After that I am done with holiday knitting! I can then revert back to knitting for me. I have a scarf, a shawl, and a pair of socks on the needles. There's also another hat I want to make for myself.

Around here, I'm plotting out my planners and journals for 2023. I'm excited for some new notebooks and some old favorites along with some fountain pen pairings with various inks. 

Around here, I'm compiling a large reading list for this month and for 2023. I have so much I want to read! We have a second hand bookstore that we visit at least once a month and I bring home a book (or more) each time. Remember when I vowed to clear out more books from my collection after moving here to this house. Yeah, that goal went astray. So maybe 2023 will be the year I read what I have, then I'll move them out of the house or shelf them permanently.


  1. That mug is really lovely. I am ready for a new morning cup

  2. You are always inspiring when it comes to Christmas knits and being ready! I haven't done anything yet, but maybe next week I'll start a hat for John and maybe decorate a little. That cross-stitch is lovely but does look difficult. White cross-stitch looks much the same as knitting with black yarn!

  3. You DID get your stitching out!! Go you! That really is such a pretty piece. Take your time and enjoy the steady slowness of stitching - it can be a form of meditation. I was just thinking I need to get out gifts and wrap and ship some - I need/want to get that done soon because then I need to focus on packing for TX!! I, too, love standing at my sink and watching the birds. We get a pretty nice variety around here and it is fun to watch them...along with the antics of the squirrels!

  4. Yay you on that stitching project! Vera's advice is perfect... take your time and enjoy! XO

  5. Hi Karen,
    ...your cross-stitch home is so pretty...I also have to really focus on cross-stitch...much more so than either knitting or crocheting...we've got our first Christmas party of the season tonight...the Christmas season is so busy...
    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. Such a pretty cross-stitch project!
    I'm thinking about planners too, but this last year I didn't really use one. I switched things around a few times and nothing really stuck. So I don't know what to do this time. We'll see I would like to be a bit more productive next year.

  7. It does take time to adjust to a new home! Blessings on your Christmas 🎄

  8. Your stitching looks so neat and very pretty. I hope you enjoy the project. I do think it takes awhile to adjust after a move. Thankfully we haven't moved in quite awhile and for that I am grateful. I love the mug. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Your mug is gorgeous.

    I need to make myself some mitts. What pattern are you using? I've got a bunch of fingering weight yarn that really isn't that good for socks, but would make GREAT mitts.

  10. Hi Karen. I have that same goal of reading the books I already have. We have several used bookstores around here, in addition to a number of thrift stores with excellent book sections, so I don't but new books very much. I am trying to get presents purchased and wrapped too, and will be doing more of that over the weekend. I hope you have a good one. See you again soon!

  11. Your cross stitch is lovely, I hope you can find pleasure in the process. I am glad to hear that you are feeling more settled in your house, it can take can't it especially when we have lived somewhere a long time.

  12. I have vowed to wrap a little each week so that I am not doing it all at the last minute. I hope you get those mitts finished quickly so that you can return to the knitting that is just for you.


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