Holiday Spirit


I have been in the holiday spirit for a solid week. Maybe it's because we are near our second Christmas at our new home, and that brings endless cheer. I'm not questioning it too much, I'm basking in the joy I feel. I'm also seeking out Christmas displays where ever I go. 

Frodo and I have started walking after lunch instead of in the mornings. The traffic is minimal which leads to me being more present on my daily walk. Also the temperatures are warmed up a bit compared to 8 a.m. We have a good time. All that is missing is a snowflake or two. 

Yesterday we went to a local farmer's market and I thoroughly enjoyed their poinsettias on display. Sadly Holly will eat everything that is in a dirt pot so I look instead of buy. 

I've been knitting mainly for me - the good things scarf (in the photo at the top)- in the evenings while we watch a tv show. I am also knitting another pair of socks for my husband in a lovely purple colorway. Technically they are not for me but it's close. I have no deadline and I do enjoy a mindless knit.

This morning I saw a glorious sunrise! The photo I snapped doesn't do it justice - I felt a sense of calm and complete presence witnessing Mother Nature's talents.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weeks before the holidays. The peace and calmth in this post is inspiring!

  2. Beautiful flowers and beautiful knitting. Glad to hear you are in the holiday spirit!!

  3. Hooray for the holiday spirit. The greenhouse and the flowers are beautiful. But the sunrise is spectacular. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Love that you feeling so good about this time of year, it sounds like you are in a good, happy place right now.

  5. Winter sunrises are the best.. the colors are so beautiful. Happy to hear you are so happy right now.


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