Good morning! How was your weekend?

Mine was eventful as opposed to uneventful. On Saturday my sister and I picked up some smoothies and went to a local yarn store. Of course I bought more yarn - life is short. However I am very specific in what I buy and have a plan for the yarn. In my younger years I bought yarn because I liked it but didn't have a plan for it. I'm trying to be mindful in my purchasing.

Sunday we all went to the conservatory to see their Orchid show and soak in all the greenery during the February brown days. I loved it and it was toasty warm in the conservatory. 

Sunday afternoon I did a bit of sketching and relaxed. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Orchids, bonsai, warmth, yarn, and good company sound like heaven to me!

  2. How lovely to see some pretty plants and flowers in February. I like your bird sketch. I am looking forward to seeing the yarn that you bought and the project that you have planned for it.

  3. That sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your weekend sounds nice - busy but in a relaxed sort of way. Can't wait to see your new yarn. I am trying not to buy any unless I absolutely need it..my stash is overflowing.

  5. It's hard to resist yarn that is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing what you bought. A day at the conservatory sounds wonderful and I love your bird sketch. Looks and sounds like you had a very nice weekend!

  6. The orchid show sounds interesting. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend. I hope the coming week is a good one for you as well. See you again soon!

  7. A day out with Vera and Bonny and then a shopping trip to Wegman's. It was a pretty good weekend.

  8. What a wonderful weekend. The Conservatory sounds like a great place to visit on a February day.


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