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I love when Frodo gives me that look that says 'you're in my space'. Too funny! How are you? How has your crafting been this week?

Mine has been slow going but I'm enjoying my slow going progress. I'm savoring the knitting process. The above photo is my lavender cowl that I pick up in the afternoons for a few rows sometimes I read my kindle or sometimes I listen to a podcast. 

The bottom photo is the baby blanket that makes steady progress each and every single evening if we are watching a show on TV. I love the repetitive pattern and how easy it is to pick up and knit.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Both of your projects - the cowl and the baby blanket - are so pretty. They look sweet and soft to me. I'm knitting some crazy socks!

  2. Delightful knitting... and I chuckled at Frodo as well... that look!

  3. The cowl looks like it would definitely keep your attention with the changing patterns.

  4. That cowl is so beautiful! My knitting has been slow too. It's too hot to knit in the day (I'm working with acrylic yarn) and too dark at night. Oh well, it's all about the process....

  5. Your blanket is growing quickly. I love the cowl.

  6. Both projects look very enjoyable. It's nice to have one that requires a little more thought and one that is more auto-pilot. Frodo has quite the personality.

  7. I love that sweet baby blanket. It looks so soft and comfy for a very special little one. :-)

  8. That pink yarn gets prettier each time I see it. Happy knitting!

  9. Your knitting is so nice. I love the detail in the cowl and the simple but yet elegant blanket.


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