Lavender Cowl


I finished the Lavender Cowl a few days ago and placed it in the drawer for future cold weather (can you believe that it will be 90 degrees next week, honestly it seems too soon). I cannot wait to wear it. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting every single blessed stitch. Now that this cowl is complete I can fully focus on baby knitting.

What are you working on this week?


  1. Future you will thank current you for knitting and having ready such a lovely cowl next fall!

  2. I love having a new knit tucked away for the return of chilly weather! Good you! :) But grandbaby knitting is the best knitting ever! XO

  3. That turned out SO WELL Karen! And now I think I know what pattern I will use to make a cowl for my friend Leslie in a beautiful shade of purple!!

  4. I love the cowl. It looks beautiful on you.

  5. Your new cowl is beautiful. How great is it to have something in the fall? What are your favorite baby knits??

    1. I love anything created by Elizabeth Zimmermann!!

  6. Very pretty. Enjoy the baby knitting!


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